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George Lopez Talks Starring in Vigilante Drama ‘The River Runs Red’ – EUR Exclusive!

*”The River Runs Red” (in theaters now, Cinedigm) is an intense vigilante thriller starring Taye Diggs, George Lopez, and John Cusack. The film follows two fathers, one a prestigious Judge (Diggs) and the other a hardworking mechanic (Lopez), whose lives are turned upside down when their sons are both killed by corrupt cops.  The two men take the law into their own hands and fight to expose the corrupt cops and avenge their son’s murders.

The film is brought to the screen by African American writer, director and producer Wes Miller who is know for “Prayer Never Fails,” “Atone” and “Lily Grace: A Witch Story.”

When asked what attracted him to River Runs Red, Lopez said he felt the script was “powerful and timely” and he loved that the project “was not at all comedy.” And working with Taye Diggs and John Cusack was of course a big draw for him.   But what really caught his attention was the personal note from writer/director Wes Miller that came attached to the script telling him know that the role of Javier was written with him in mind.”


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Lopez also recalled an important memory that swayed his decision: the shooting by LAPD of his high school friend Kenny Ramirez.

“It was devastating. It happed right in front of the house he grew up in.  Kenny was not more than 19 or 20 years old. His parents were devastated and didn’t want to see us anymore. We just reminded them of their son. So it just went away. Everyone just tried to forget.”

“So when this script was emailed to me and I read it, I felt it was worth my time,” Lopez admits.  “As parents we all have to unfortunately have the discussion with our teens about what to do if you are pulled over by the police.  I’d even be afraid if I were pulled over.  You could do nothing and still have an incident.  Wes’ story demonizes violence on both sides. I feel there is a void when it comes to the police and our communities and there’s no organization to speak to about law enforcement and police violence.”


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When asked if he would run for political office in the future and get involved in finding solutions to these issues, Lopez says, “I’m looking to create a much lower profile, definitely not a higher one. And the way race relations are today – the hateful, spiteful and negative culture. I don’t want to get involved.” Lopez has not been shy about his problems with our current presidential administration.

Lopez was reportedly involved in recent altercation at a Hooters in New Mexico with a man who was taunting him and using a live stream social media app to video tape him with out his permission.  Knowing how much Lopez despises Trump, the man was taunting him with pro-Trump comments.  Lopez says he simply walked by and pushed the man’s phone away and said, “Stop filming me.”  “I didn’t want to be videoed.  I’m out in bars and restaurants all the time and this has never happened. This was not that big of an incident but the media really made it look like much more than it was. It wasn’t some big altercation. This is the first time this has happened to me.  But, if it happens again, then I look like I’m crazy.  Then I look like Alec Baldwin. . . like a brown Alec Baldwin.”

We hope it doesn’t happen again either.  I like believing that George Lopez is as cool in person as the characters he portrays.  And we don’t need any more Alec Baldwin’s on the street. White, brown, black or yellow.  Although we do love the orange Alec Baldwin.

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