Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Michelle Williams Talks Racism and Defends Chad Johnson Amid Controversial Comments – WATCH

*Singer Michelle Williams joined AM to DM by BuzzFeed News to tackle racism and colorism, and defend fiancé Chad Johnson’s controversial comments about mental health on their show “Chad Loves Michelle.”

Watch the full interview above and highlights below:

Tackling racism and colorism:

“I remember as far as solo music, I was told I couldn’t do pop music because I’m too dark-skinned… But I did the dance pop album anyway. You have to do things and go for things that people might tell you no… I’m saying go for it. If you connect to a role, go for it anyway and you might give them something they never even thought of. Whether it’s in love, your career, your spirituality. Don’t let your color or gender define you.

On Chad’s controversial comments on “Chad Loves Michelle” 

“I don’t want to sit here and blame editing, but really that’s what it was and people didn’t see the conversation the night before…I definitely did say, “well honey, maybe you don’t understand where I’m coming from.” As time went on, I said some things…and then, he made that comment, ‘Okay babe, did you take your medication?’ Now, should that have been said? No. But, no one knew what I said. It doesn’t make it right…But no one is perfect. People didn’t get a chance to see that…Chad, for over 20 years, in the city of Phoenix has been working and ministering with children of all races…That’s not who he is as far as people have made this narrative of him. You’re kind of insulting my thinking and my intelligence — I would not be with somebody or bring someone in my family that would be racist. I would never ever ever do that, and I wasn’t even supposed to address it, but I like you, and when it comes to my man, I’m going to defend him.”

New music:

“Soon you guys will hear something. I’m still debating on whether I want to do a full-length album or not…I just want to sing.”

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