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Grand Jury Deciding Fate of Amber Guyger Today – Decision Announced Next Week

*In Dallas, a grand jury is in its 3rd day dealing with the case of Amber Guyger, the off-duty white cop who shot and killed an unarmed 26-year-old black man in his apartment.

The panel can go in several ways with their vote. They can indict Guyger for murder, manslaughter or another charge, or they can decide Guyger should face no charges at all.

As has been reported, on the night of September 6, 2018, Botham Jean was killed as he watched football in his apartment a few blocks north of Dallas police headquarters. Amber Guyger, who had just finished her police shift, entered (Jean’s apartment) and shot him.

Guyger, 30, told authorities she thought Jean’s apartment was her own and believed he was a burglar. Jean lived in the apartment directly above Guyger’s at the South Side Flats complex.

Guyger was arrested on a manslaughter charge on Sept. 9, three days after the shooting, and was booked into the Kaufman County Jail. She has been free since she posted bond that night.


Amber Guyger - Botham Jean
Amber Guyger – Botham Jean

Here’s more from Dallas News:
Because grand jury proceedings are secret, it is unknown exactly what evidence prosecutors have presented to the jurors. But attorneys for the Jean family said both Allison Jean, Botham’s mother, and his sister Allisa Charles-Findley had taken the witness stand.

The attorneys for the Jean family, who are representing them in the federal lawsuit they filed against Guyger and the city of Dallas, said Wednesday they are hopeful for a murder indictment.

“Anything less, we feel, would be a miscarriage of justice,” attorney Lee Merritt said.

Guyger’s attorney, Robert Rogers, declined to comment.

If there is an indictment Friday, the decision may not be announced until next week. A decision not to indict, also called a “no bill,” would likely be made public immediately.

Typically, when a Dallas County grand jury votes to indict someone on Friday, the indictment becomes public on Monday. The delay occurs because of paperwork and entering information from dozens of indictments each day into the county’s computer system.

It’s unclear whether the regular procedure will be followed for the Guyger case, which has garnered international attention.

Meanwhile, in a Facebook post Thursday, Merritt warned against any statements promising a backlash if Guyger isn’t charged with murder, saying they could be used as an argument to move the case out of Dallas County.

“A murder indictment will be handed down,” he predicted. “Statements threatening retribution if it is not will do nothing to help secure that outcome and can only hurt the cause of justice for #BothamJean.”

Another lawyer, Daryl Washington, said the attorneys were unsure why the grand jury proceedings had stretched over multiple days.

“This has taken much longer than even the Jordan Edwards case, where there were more live witnesses,” Washington said. “We don’t know why it’s taken this long, but the one thing that we hope that happens is the right decision comes out of this grand jury room.”



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