Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Florida Police Chief Told Cops to Arrest Random Black People to Boost Stats

*In Florida, a former police chief had ordered officers to frame “anybody Black.” He had allegedly pressurized everyone in the department to boost the crime stats. Records indicate that many high-ranking officers of the Biscayne Park Police Department were involved in this.

These cops were made to undertake unwarranted arrests of any random Black person. This was done by finding anyone who happened to have a criminal record and framing them for some unsolved cases. This was basically done to have a 100% clearance rate for the department.

Around one-third of this small department was ordered to carry out these unethical and illegal actions. If this wasn’t enough, these cops were specifically ordered to round up Black people from the city. After the internal probe from the department blew the whistle, every one of these cops said that these orders weren’t a mystery.

The chief of the department at the time, Raimundo Atesiano, was made to resign shortly after the probe was made. In his two years as the team lead of the department, 29 of the 30 burglary cases were found to be solved. This near-perfect success rate had plummeted after his resignation. This meant that none of the 19 burglary cases had been solved.

Atesiano’s problems didn’t just stop there. Earlier this year, Atesiano and two senior officers had been charged by legal prosecutors with a civil rights violation law suit. This indictment also includes the false arrest of a juvenile who was only 16 years old at the time. Not only did they do so, but they had also identified this child as the criminal behind 4 of their unsolved burglaries.

Not only did these officers arrest random Black people for these cases, but they also included false narratives in their reports. Thankfully, these wrongly accused individuals, including the 16-year old, have been acquitted from these charges and are all free.

If these senior officers and police chief are found guilty, then they are facing maximum prison for 11 years in prison. We really hope they are made an example of for all the corrupt and racist police officers out there while breaking the stereotype that every Black person is a criminal. It’s still very sad that 50 years down the road, Martin Luther King’s dream hasn’t reached its full realization. We hope that one day we’ll live to see it play out in its entirety.




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