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Snoop Dogg Brought to Tears at His Play ‘Redemption of a Dogg’ (EUR Review)

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Snoop Dogg – Photo Credit: Marilyn Smith

*Who says men don’t cry?  Not me and apparently not Snopp Dogg, because that is exactly what he did on Friday, November 16, after his performance in his semi-autobiographical stage play, “Redemption of a Dogg.”  The audience at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles wiped their eyes right along with Snoop, as he said, “I don’t want to be a weenie.”  What brought the normally unflappable gangsta rapper to tears, you might ask.  It is simple: the love and support of his wife.

Master play producer Je’Caryous Johnson was introducing the cast at the end of the performance.  When he got to Snoop, he mentioned Snoop was at home (he is from the Long Beach, California area), was touting his good heart, his character, etc and then it was Snoop’s turn to speak.

He started thanking people for coming and then mentioned how much he loved his wife and thanked her for sticking with him all these years.  He spoke about revealing so much of himself in the play, his marriage and “the up and downs” they went through, including almost losing his marriage.  He was overcome with emotion and the tears began to flow.  If I did not like Snoop before, which I did, that display of humanism would have made me a fan.

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Photo from Redemption of a Dogg Official Program

Snoop and company put on a good show.  The acting was on point and the music was off the chain, hook and hinges.  Redemption of a Dogg began with Snoop performing a concert on Easter, much to his wife’s disapproval.  The audience stood up and partied like we were really at a Snoop Dogg concert.  Snoop wasn’t the only one whose music hit the mark.

Demetria McKinney, who played Shani, Snoop’s wife, Tamar Braxton who played the Angel assigned to help Snoop along the way and Eric Benet, who played Terrance, Snoop’s manager, can sing their backside off.   Like some rap concerts, there was even a disturbance of some sort in the crowd.

snoop play - 3pic from show program
Photo from Redemption of a Dogg Official Program

Omar Gooding played DJ Ray Boogie (ala Dr. Dre) to perfection, but then again everyone knows Omar can act; after all, it is in his genes.  Vincent Ward was convincing as record mogul Big Sauce (ala Suge Knight and Death Row Records).

Other cast members, all of whom did a good job, were comedian James “Lil JJ” Lewis (Young Snoop), American Idol contestant Latoya London (Young Shani), Billy Sorrels (Young Terrance), Michael Strong and Faith Malonte’ Neal (hustlers) and Jazlyn Miller, Shateria Moragne-El and Skye Griffin (dancers).

snoop play - 4pic from show program
Photo from Redemption of a Dogg Official Program

Redemption of a Dogg had messages that came across loud and clear.  It spoke to choices having consequences, the price of fame and how much you can lose chasing it and whether or not it is worth it if it means risking your family and going against your faith.

There were three decision points in the play.  The first decision had Snoop blowing up in the music business, but losing his faith.  The second decision had him choosing his faith (and family) over stardom and ended up working at UPS.  The third decision had him giving it over to God.  I guess it is not a stretch to guess how it all turned out.

snoop play - 5pic from show program
Photo from Redemption of a Dogg Official Program

Although I would have liked to see Snoop rap more in the play, I enjoyed Redemption of a Dogg.  It only played in limited cities across the country.  The final stop was in Oakland on Sunday, November 18.  If they decide to add more cities, it is worth checking it out.  Thanks to Linda Stewart, Associate Producer and publicist, I was able to see it the first time around.

marilyn smith
Marilyn Smith

Marilyn Smith is a Los Angeles based writer/reviewer.  Contact her via [email protected].



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