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Iggy Azalea Gets Personal & Nasty with Wendy Williams for Bhad Bhabie Comments

*Iggy Azalea, 28, posted then deleted multiple tweets in which she went hard on Wendy Williams, 54, because the talk show host had some shady things to say following reports that teen rapper Bhad Bhabie threw a drink at Iggy while at a party. 

“We haven’t heard from Iggy since “Fancy” so technically she’s [Bhad Babie] right,” said Wendy during her November 15 show. “Isn’t she from Australia? When did she develop a Blackcent? She probably bought that at the same place she bought her booty and her boobs. Oh puh-lease,” she added to her audience. “That is good coin well spent. She looks great! I think Iggy Azalea is beautiful, clap if you don’t think she’s beautiful. ”

“Are you gay?” she asked an audience member who clapped.

“You’re 28 [Iggy], you’re a grown woman, you have a fledgling career that nobody cares about. This “Catch Me Outside” girl is the next big thing. You should act unbothered by it all.”

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As reported by Just Jaredthe “Fancy” rapper became so heated with Wendy that she popped off about her physical appearance.

“Imagine having to F**K Wendy Williams,” she wrote.

“Like you gotta hear her moan and put her t*tty in your mouth. Sometimes I disgust my own self. I guess I just feel like if you’re pushing 60 without ever having lived an entire year on this planet where we could deem you attractive let alone a serve with a voice that would make any d**k soft — you should keep it a whole lot cuter on certain commentary.” She later added, “I may have said it; but you ALL thought it. I’m just trolling honestly.”

Some fans slammed Iggy for being a “bully” and noted that “at least Wendy has a career.”

Speaking of having a career…  Iggy is trying to revive what remains of hers by announcing her departure from Island Records and new “deal/partnership” worth $2.7 million with indie hip-hop label Empire.

According to the announcement, the multi-year agreement will see the powerhouse “utilize its innovative label services to oversee the release and promotion of Azalea’s highly anticipated new music and forthcoming sophomore album.” 

“I’m so excited to begin a new entrepreneurial chapter in my career with EMPIRE as my partner,” Azalea said in the announcement. “The ability to have control of my own artistic future is a long awaited and monumental change in my life. I genuinely feel I am in the best position to achieve my creative ambitions.”

In announcing her split with Island, the one-hit wonder said she hoped to release new music early next year.

“Well still no music this year tho…,” she wrote. “I am nowhere near ready direction wise etc with the stuff I’ve been working on and I don’t wanna jump the gun and have some messy era aesthetically. I’m aiming to be ready to share new music early next year!”

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