Thursday, December 2, 2021

MLK, III to Keynote Unveiling & Dedication of Memorial Wall Honoring 305 Children Who Perished in Jonestown    

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OAKLAND, CA: To keynote the 2018 Jonestown memorial, Martin Luther King, III will join Dr. Jynona Norwood—founder of Jonestown Memorial Wall and Services—along with victims’ family representatives, concerned citizens and community, civic, academia, and ministerial leaders to remember the 918 victims, giving special recognition to the 305 children (including 40 infants) who were slaughtered in—that Paradise of Pain, founded and led by James Warren “Jim” Jones, forever rendered infamous by its name “Jonestown.” The special event, titled “Beauty for Ashes: The Jonestown Memorial,” will incorporate the unveiling of the “Cherishing the Children Memorial Wall” in honor of the young people during the 40th annual Jonestown observance. The memorial wall dedicatory will commence at 11:00 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 18th at Evergreen Cemetery, 6450 Camden Ave., Oakland, CA.


Dr. E. Faye Williams, national president and CEO of the National Congress of Black Women (appointed by President Barack Obama’s Presidential Scholars Commission), Rev. Ed Norwood, who was kidnapped/rescued by his mother to save him from going to Jonestown, Oscar C. Wright, former president of the Emeryville, Calif, NAACP chapter and community activist, will also address the audience.


Dr. Norwood lost family members in Jonestown who included the youngest victim and 27 other loved ones.


President Bill Clinton shared words of comfort and encouragement with the families years ago that have continued to inspire us,” said Dr. Norwood. The president commented, “My prayers are with everyone gathered. I know that your service will be an inspiring memorial to those who lost their lives so senselessly at Jonestown.” 


As U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi so eloquently stated in her letter, “The ‘Cherishing the Children Memorial Wall’ will provide a place of comfort and solace to the children’s relatives and loved ones as well as to those who wish to honor the memory of Congressman Leo Ryan and all those who lost their lives.”

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