Thursday, September 29, 2022

Catch the New JJ Abrams Horror Film ‘Overlord’ in Theaters Everywhere November 9!

*The weekend is officially here and if you haven’t quite figured out how to spend it, I know the perfect way to start it off. Tomorrow, the new Sci-Fi thriller “Overlord” hits theaters nationwide and with a Producer like JJ Abrams, who brought us “Star Trek” (2009) and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (2015), you know it’s going to be action packed.

"Overlord" hits theaters everywhere November 9
“Overlord” hits theaters everywhere November 9!

Whether you’re going with a group of friends or you want to cozy up on a date, this movie will definitely keep you entertained. “Overlord” has already been described as “a thrilling combination of action and horror” and I can agree with that.

I saw the movie alone and had no choice but to laugh to and at myself at how many times I jumped and screamed out loud in the completely full theater. Paramount Pictures spared no expense when it came to bringing us this film, from the cinematography to the audio, you almost feel like you’re actually there- and that’s on the regular big screen. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s also available in Imax?

By now you’re probably wondering what Overlord is even about. Good question! Overlord starts out with soldiers heading to France to defeat Germany, or at least that’s what they think. Upon landing the soldiers find out Germans are the least of their worries and that the zombie hybrids the Germans have created should be their top priority.

official "Overlord" movie screening photo booth
Fans line up to have their picture taken at the official “Overlord” movie screening photo booth.

At last night’s Burbank screening of Overlord, I caught up with cast members Wyatt Russell and Jovan Adepo, and Director Julius Avery to get their take on what makes a good Sci-Fi movie. Julius said he believes it’s being able to “genuinely connect with the characters.”

As I was speaking with Julius Avery and Wyatt Russell, I asked Wyatt in the event of a real D-Day experience, which cast member would he pick to help him survive. Right as he was saying “Jovan Adepo,” Jovan appeared out of nowhere, almost like magic and joined in on the conversation. As I asked Wyatt his reasoning behind picking Jovan, he said simply “because he’s huge.” Good answer, Wyatt, you need strong people on your team when fighting zombie hybrids overseas.

"Overlord" Director, Julius Avery with cast members Jovan Adepo, Wyatt Russell and EUR associate Angel Saunders.
“Overlord” Director, Julius Avery with cast members Jovan Adepo, Wyatt Russell and EUR associate Angel Saunders.

I could easily see this movie having action figures and videos games for years to come, but if you’d like to see it, hit up your local theater as show times start as early as 7pm tonight in certain areas.

If you want to know more about “Overlord,” check out the trailer below and follow the movie’s official Instagram account at @OverlordMovie. Overload hits theaters everywhere tomorrow, November 9th!

“Overlord” hits theaters everywhere tomorrow, November 9!




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