Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Tamar Braxton Wants Y’all to Know That Monica Doesn’t Like Her [WATCH]

*Tamar Braxton and Monica Brown used to be cooler than the other side of a pillow, but now the love is gone and Tamar has once again reminded folks of that fact.

Braxton noted on the ‘gram that she and Monica no longer associate and the reminder came when Brown posted a birthday message on Shante Broadus’ Instagram page.

“She don’t like me for whatever but I love her and her movement,” said Tamar in the comments section.

As reported by Bossip, back in September 2017 Tamar told Wendy Williams that Monica was one of three people she unfollowed on Instagram, including Kandi and Tiny Harris. Why???  Because the ladies posted a clip of Toya Wright on her old show, “The Real” and she felt betrayed.

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According to Tamar she was only temporarily unfollowing the ladies but when she went to refollow Monica, she was blocked.

“Nope [no beef], everything is amazing,” said Tamar about her relationship with Tiny. “I just supported her last week with her basketball game, we hung out in Vegas, we got our entire life.”

“I’m gonna go back to the day when everybody got in their feelings and wrote books about me unfollowing them,” said Tamar, subtly jab at Toya Wright.

“I unfollowed Monica, I unfollowed Tiny, I unfollowed Kandi…I unfollowed everybody that day that posted THAT show [“The Real”] I was rightfully in my feelings, it was nothing personal,” she insisted.

“She [Monica] wasn’t even on “The Real” that day, I unfollowed everybody because I didn’t wanna see it,” Braxton added. “I had every intent of following everybody back. I unfollowed at least 30 people that day, when I went to follow her back she had blocked me.”

Hear Tamar explain it in the clip above.

What do you think about Tamar reminding fans that she and Monica aren’t friends?

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