Monday, January 17, 2022

Tayla Parx Releases New Music At Tayla Made Pop-Up

*Let’s talk about Tayla! If you don’t know who Tayla Parx is, she’s definitely an artist worth listening to. Last night I attended her Tayla Made Pop Up Experience which featured the cutest trailer park I’ve ever been to.

Tayla Parx put a spin on the typical run down trailer park and with the main color scheme being shades of pink, her team made sure to have plenty of fun decorations such as neon lit signs, pink flamingos, pinatas, and inflatable sweet treats like ice cream cones and donuts.

And you can’t have a party with inflatable sweets without having real ones, right? Tayla’s event came complete with all you could eat free food, cotton candy machines, and an open bar as well. Did I mention that Lyft sponsored the event and gave everyone on the guest list complentary rides to and from the event? Amazing!

Tayla Parx bar
Bartender and drink specials for Tayla Parx Tayla Made Pop-Up Experience.

If you thought the wow factor ended there, you are sadly mistaken! A trailer park themed listening party wouldn’t have been complete without inflatable pools, but these pools weren’t for swimming, unless you like dirt.

There was a section at the venue where you could pot your own plants and take them home with you at the end of the night and you got your soil from the inflatable pools.

Also, because plants grow best with garden gnomes, Tayla made sure to have a team dressed as gnomes to dance around the garden.

It was wild, in every beautiful way possible. Everywhere you turned there was something quirky and creative with pops of color, it would only make sense to have photo booths conveniently located on both floors.

Tayla Parx Potting Area
Tayla Parx potting area.

Tayla Parx gnomes
Tayla Parx garden gnomes.

What I think I appreciate most about Tayla’s event, aside from having a very well put together party, she has actual talent.

Tayla didn’t hide behind the neon signs or free drinks, her resume is impressive. Tayla Parx is a 3x Grammy nominated artist and has written for some of the biggest names in music such as Nicki Minaj, Demi Lovato, Chris Brown, and Fifth Harmony to name a few.

Last night she premiered her music video for “Slow Dancing” and once the video was over, she came out and performed a few songs, one of which was dedicated to her mom, who was in attendance.

Tayla Parx and Angel Saunders
Tayla Parx (right) and Angel Saunders (left).

Tayla Parx is just as sweet as she is talented. Once she was done showcasing her music, she mingled with the crowd until the party ended. I look forward to seeing this girl go far and if you’d like to do the same, check her out on social media @TaylaParx. Also be sure to check out her new single, “Slow Dancing” from her upcoming project, “We Need To Talk.”

Tayla Parx event flyer
Tayla Parx event flyer.



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