Thursday, October 6, 2022

Wendy Williams Spreads Anti-Drug Message with New Life-size Billboard

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*In an effort to continue her fight against drug abuse, Wendy Williams has launched a life-size billboard in Times Square that will run for three months with the goal of sparking awareness and saving lives.

According to Page Six, the billboard features a split video of a promotion for the “Wendy Show” and Williams’ Hunter Foundation, which launched a campaign called Be Here that serves to combat drug and substance abuse. The new billboard includes a message encouraging people to donate to the foundation to help fight addiction.

Peep the clip below.

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The daytime talk-show host previously told Page Six that she aims to “bring light” to the fact that addiction “doesn’t have to be your demise.”

“I lost a little over 10 years of my life regarding substance abuse, but I’m now going into Season 10 [of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’]. I’m married, I have a great career and a flourishing business … it’s not that you fall down, it’s how you rise. And if you rise, then you reach back.

“This is a reach back.”

In related news, Williams, who recently concluded a 10-city tour to celebrate the 10th season of “The Wendy Williams Show,” shared with the that she has trust issues when it comes to travel: she never leaves her passport in a hotel safe because she’s afraid of theft and hasn’t checked a bag in 30 years because of the TSA.

“You know, you read so many bad stories about how they take stuff. I don’t need anyone taking my shoes, or a pair of jeans or my hair, or anything like that. And my husband and I have been from Berlin to Paris, we’ve been across the world and for a week at a time, and never checked anything. Efficiency! I was a girl scout!”

And while the New Jersey native loves home, she says it’s “not my place to recharge.

“The food is great there but no, that’s not my place. I need to get on a plane and you know, stretch out and get there within four hours. Any place within four hours is my place. Because I have 40-inch legs, and they need to un-crumple before I get arthritis.”

Read the full NY Times conversation here.

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