Sunday, October 24, 2021

Toni Morrison Flawlessly Breaks Down the Frail and Desperate State of White Superiority in America

*The nation has a plethora of unique literary visionaries to offer us. One of them is Toni Morrison who fearlessly takes on white superiority in her work for the New Yorker.

She took on the self-proclaimed white superiority of America and drew a picture of their troubling disposition. She didn’t exaggerate her words, and to the contrary, was very honest and predicted a lot of what the Trump Presidency has brought forward.

An excerpt from her work read, “Unlike any nation in Europe, the United States holds whiteness as the unifying force,” Morrison writes. “Here, for many people, the definition of “Americanness” is color.” If this statement wasn’t enough, she shed light upon the fact that the post-civil-rights era has brought forward a weakened array of attempts at white superiority.

She even notified her readers that they’ve come a long way, what with 3 Black Supreme Court justices, a predominant Black Senate and even a Black president. With this, she touched the incidences of disturbing and unlawful incidences that have been occurring because of people suffering from white superiority. She said that these incidences were coping mechanisms for people who saw their privilege fading out of their grasp. Isn’t this an unwavering and powerful stance against violations of human rights?

Furthermore, she highlighted that their acts of violence are a sign of cowardice and desperation. She went on to take names of incidences which were inhuman by explaining the psychology behind them. Her writing stated that these people could only get to the Black community when they were praying at church, or could get Black children who are defenseless.

Towards the end, she leaves her readers with thought-provoking paragraphs. She dismantled the 2016 elections by stating that people who thought that “white privilege” was about to collapse are the only reason why Donald Trump won. This is why they all voted for a political figure that supports violence and racism so that the Black community could be defenseless yet again.

The irony of the voters’ decision is however that they now have to embrace the fear and shame that they helped bring forward – as Donald Trump sows decisions that affect the American society as a whole and not just the Black community.

While this article can’t do justice to the eloquence of her article, you can always look up and give her work a read. You’ll be in for a powerful op-ed experience, and will be glad you ever came across her work. Go for it!



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