Saturday, May 28, 2022

WATCH SuperpowHer Podcast: The Beauty of Transparency (Part 1)

Former Beauty Queen, author, philanthropist and entrepreneur Pat Smith reveals how the high life isn’t always what it seems.

In her two-part interview with host and life-coach Deya Direct, Pat Smith, who is also a minister at The Potter’s House, pastored by TD Jakes, reveals why she has become so transparent recently. This may indeed be one of Smith’s most candid interviews.


For those that don’t know, Pat was married to comedian Martin Lawrence for 18 months prior to marrying NFL Hall of Fame player, Emmitt Smith, who’s been her husband for 18 years.

In this episode we deal with critical themes including: when love is not enough, why she didn’t get a prenup the first time around, how she overcame her biggest struggle, and of course, like each guest on the Superpowher podcast, she reveals her “Superpower.”

Be sure to tune into part two next wee

k, where Pat uncovers what really happened with her when husband Emmitt Smith won Dancing with the Stars.

This episode was brought to you by Well Being Trust, a national foundation dedicated to advancing the mental, social and spiritual health of the nation.

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Deya Direct
is a former Miss Black USA and Ebony Magazine’s pick as a “Future Leader.” She brings her unique skills as a National Correspondent; her passion and knowledge as a Social Activist; her charisma and sense of humor as an Actress, Blogger, Personality, Motivational Speaker, and most recently Author; to the world of multi-media. This first time author has been writing blogs for the benefit of millions for over 10 years. Known for her direct, inspirational and provocative style, Deya works as a producer for the nationally-syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS). The TJMS reaches 8 million listeners daily. She is also the creator and host of Girlfriend FM, a short-form video show-commentary-blog targeting female-driven hot topics on Tom Joyner TV and DEYA DIRECT! whospeaks directly to the hearts, minds and souls of women, pulling no punches with her engaging approach--is becoming a powerful voice to be reckoned with. And now with the debut of her life-changing book Touch Yourself, 30 Ways to Boldly Live, Love and Let Go!; Deya not only pours her heart out but she will empower women to confidently take responsibility for their lives, their bodies, the love and the dreams their hearts desire. Originally from New Haven, Ct. Deya now resides in Dallas, TX. She is a graduate of Howard University.




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