Tuesday, August 16, 2022

‘The Blend’ Offers a New Perspective on Talk – PHOTOS

Harmony Gold Screening Room

Dr. Peace Amadi, self-esteem doctor, Jewel Taylor  Dr. Gloria Chance, Dr. Tabatha Carr, and Dawn Strozier hosts The Blend Talk show screening at Harmony Gold.

*The BLEND, a new talk show that seeks to show a more down to earth approach to health, fitness and motivation held a screening and a Q & A with the shows producers, creator and hosts, Dr. Tabatha Carr, Dr. Gloria Chance, Dr. Peace Amadi, and self-esteem doctor, Jewel Taylor with Collaborative Effort Entertainment at The Harmony Gold Preview House and Theater on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood.

Peace Amadi Psychologist and host of the Blend.

Dr. Tabatha Carr, ND MBA PMP Naturopathic Doctor, and host of the new show The Blend.

Dr. Gloria Chance Psychologist Motivational Speaker and Host of the Blend.

Jewel Diamond Taylor speaker, author, life coach, and host of the new talk show The Blend.

Dawn Strozier fitness influencer, speaker and author handle the fitness segments for The Blend Talk Show.

The ladies express their spiritual side in an open, noninvasive way.  It is strange to see ladies leading a show that speaks from matters of the heart that are not the usual fashion drenched actresses. These are actually the doctors and experts you expect to see when you go and seek treatment and not just actresses playing a role.

Their first guest is motivational speaker Les Brown.

Dr. Gloria Chance and Les Brown pose for an Instagram selfie.

“No matter how bad it gets, I’m gonna make it,” said Less Brown as the segment closed.  

The meditation segments asked the viewer to visualize and go through the motions along with the hosts.  Definintely out of my element, but as I looked around, I noticed the women engaged and receiving benefits from calming their thoughts and embracing The Blend’s message of positive health and happiness.  It was relieving to see and put me in a better state.  

The Blend is available now.  For more information, go to https://www.facebook.com/theblendtalkshow.

Below is a gallery of images from the night.  Enjoy and please leave a comment about the show.

The Blend Talk show screening at Harmony Gold.

The Blend Talk show screening at Harmony Gold.

The Blend Talk Show hosts and cast.

Alana Lensey, who sung The Blend’s theme song.

Joi Starr pauses for a photo before she performed for The Blend Talk Show.

The Blend Talk show screening at Harmony Gold.

Tanjareen Thomas at The Blend Talk show screening at Harmony Gold.

Actress Celeste Thorson stops by the red carpet before viewing the Blend Talk Show’s screening at Harmony Gold.

Canibus Law Expert Christopher Metzler at The Blend Talk Show screening at Harmony Gold.

Erica Campbell hosted the screening and lead the crowd in prayer.

Singer JoiStaRR performed before the screening.

The Blend Talk show screening at Harmony Gold.

Panoramic by Troy Tieuel.

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