Sunday, April 18, 2021

Former Head of Turks and Caicos Reveals Fling with Omarosa: ‘Amazing, Very Satisfying!’

*Michael Misick, the ex-Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands, is spilling the tea about his six-month fling with Omarosa Manigault-Newman.

The two hit it off when they first met in 2005, at a charity function in New York after “The Apprentice” star divorced her first husband, Aaron Stallworth.

Misick, 52, admits he was so impressed with her savvy political skills that he even sought her advice on decisions affecting the chain of 40 islands.

Speaking exclusively to DailyMailTV, he also revealed that their bedroom romps were “amazing, very satisfying.”

“Omarosa is a powerful, opinionated and strong black woman – the complete package of beauty and intellect. She would’ve made a great First Lady,” he said.

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Misick looks back fondly on his fling with the former White House staffer, saying they had an “amazing time.” According to the report, he “wooed her with yacht parties, champagne-soaked dinners and five-star hotels.”

“We were obviously mature, consenting adults who were both single at the time and we were smitten with each another. So, yes, we did spend an amazing time together,” he revealed.

Adding: “We were dating, to use the American term. I wouldn’t say that we were monogamous – that question never came up. We were dating, we were getting to know each other and having fun. She was amazing, very satisfying. In the islands we don’t kiss and tell, but without kissing and telling, there were no complaints in that department.”

Misick, who has been married three times and has six children by five different women, also noted that Omarosa would “always give me sound advice. In fact, I wish I had taken more of her advice – some things would have been different,” he confesses.

“What struck me about her was her intellect. She was highly intelligent which is not the first thing that comes to mind with a reality star. She was highly knowledgeable about politics and world affairs. We had a very interesting, stimulating conversation.”

Michael Misick with his ex-wife LisaRaye McCoy

Misick told DailyMailTV he also discussed Omarosa’s relationship with Donald Trump, who would later appoint her director of communications for the White House Office of Public Liaison.

“I was not surprised he chose her to be part of his government. She clearly is controversial and there seems to have been mixed feelings even amongst the African American community, but she’s very competent from my standpoint,” he noted. 

“I know her to be a loyal person but even loyalty sometimes changes. Clearly, something happened and he wanted her out of the White House so maybe the circumstances made her change her loyalty.”

He added: “I can’t recall whether she ever told me that Mr. Trump used the n-word. I know Mr. Trump as well, I’ve gone to events at his estate, Mar-a-Lago. At one stage we were talking to them about hosting the Miss Universe pageant. In all my interactions with him he’s been very respectful and I’ve certainly not heard him use the N-word.’

Misick and Omarosa eventually called it quits because of the long distance and he began dating actress LisaRaye McCoy, whom he later married in 2006 but divorced two years later.

“She would have made a great First Lady,” he said of Omarosa. “She’s a very strong, powerful and opinionated woman. I’m not intimidated by a strong women. I embrace strong women. She would give her advice and sometimes it was strong but ultimately as the person who was the leader of the country, it was my decision to make.”

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