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David Alan Grier Always One of ‘The Cool Kids’ (EUR Exclusive!)

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David Alan Grier

*David Alan Grier who stars in the Fox TV comedy “The Cool Kids” airing Fridays, has always been cool. With an impressive track record in film, TV, and theater, he is probably best known for his role on the Emmy Award-winning “In Living Color.”

In an exclusive interview with EURweb, he talked about his career, show and latest film.

David, you recently appeared in the film, ‘Arizona.’ How did it feel being a cop pointing a gun and not having one pointed at you?

When you put that uniform on with the hat, the gun, the accouterments of law enforcement, it gives   you this paper tiger feeling. You really feel like you can whoop some ass [Laughs]. It was a cool feeling and hard to take all that stuff off. The one thing I noticed is it’s all designed to impose fear and authority on others. It’s not my calling but it was fun playing.

David Alan Grier, Leslie Jordan, Vicki Lawrence, and Martin Mull are ‘The Cool Kids.’

How much fun was it playing Hank in ‘The Cool Kids’?

A lot. We’re all elderly at a senior living facility. The best way to describe ‘Cool Kids’ is like a ‘Breakfast Club’ for rusty, dusty old people. We are high school, petty about every element of our lives.

Are you at the point in your life you expected to be right now?

No! I thought once I got to be in my 50s, it would be over. I didn’t think I would be starring a series, starting a new series, in demand, and turning down work. I thought I would be talking about stuff I already did. So this is really fun and exciting. And, also at this point I’m going to do what I want to do, okay. I’ll be honest with you, I am too old for the bull sh!t.

In closing, I asked the always-funny David Alan Grier if he wanted to add anything. “Yeah,” he said. “I just want you to let the world know I did not write that Anonymous Op Ed piece about Trump. People have been trying to say it was me. It was not me.” Although he was joking, remember folks, in 2009 the acclaimed comedian wrote his first book, “Barack Like Me: The Chocolate Covered Truth” and it was released by Simon & Schuster.      Twitter: @thefilmstrip


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