Wednesday, April 21, 2021

D.L. Hughley on Being Stopped by Cops at Age 8 and Called the N-word [Watch]

*D. L. Hughley recently released a new book, “How Not to Get Shot: And Other Advice From White People” and his latest tour stop was at “The Daily Show,” where he discussed the book, and recounted his first experience with the police at just eight years old.

“I’m coming from school, getting a free lunch in the summer, and the police pull up and they pull to me and my friend and they’re asking us questions about a cat that lived in my neighborhood and they’re like ‘Where is he?’ and we’re like ‘We don’t know.’ And they’re like ‘Put your hands on the car,’ and I’m like ‘sir this car is hot.’ And he said ‘N*gger, if you take your hands off this car I’m going to blow your head off.’ Now, eight years old. Flash to, you know, a couple weeks ago, when a young kid in Chicago is handcuffed and peeing on himself.”

Watch D.L. explain it the incident via the clip below. 

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As noted by Raw Story, these early experiences tend to leave a lasting impression, Hughley said.

“That was my first experience and I know I’ll never forget it and I doubt he will either,” Hughley said

The comedian also said he teaches his son to avoid the police at all costs —even avoid eye contact with them.

“We instill a sense of fear in them because we don’t want them to be killed,” he said.

Watch the clip above or watch the full interview here.


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