Thursday, October 6, 2022

Vivica A. Fox Says She’s ‘Fortunate’ To Not Be A Victim of #MeToo

*Vivica A. Fox is not here for those who have used the #metoo movement “as an excuse to take down people.”

“I’m happy about the #MeToo movement for the simple fact that it brought exposure to those who were abusing their power,” she said. “However, I’m not happy with those who are using the #MeToo movement to be an excuse to take down people… It takes two to tango.”

The 54-year-old star, whose career spans over three decades, is grateful she didn’t have to endure sexual harassment just to make it in Hollywood.

“I’ve been fortunate that it hasn’t happened in my career,” she explained. “I can’t say I haven’t been hit on. … I just tried to make better choices. … But I respect those that speak out and I’m all about women’s empowerment… and not being taken advantage of.”

“And it doesn’t happen just in show business,” she added. “It happens in a lot of different genres. … If someone is offering you a shortcut, don’t do it.”

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Fox says the secret behind her own success has simply been putting in the work.

“You’ve got to do the work,” said Fox. “If someone is trying to offer you an opportunity through the casting couch, don’t do it!”

In related news, the actress is hosting a new talk show called “Face the Truth” where guests reveal their problems to a panel of experts, Page Six reports.

“[People] want to see real folks with real problems,” she explained. “They’re tired of the celebrity fluff. … I’m helping others. It’s good for me, especially coming from the world of being a selfish actress when it’s always about me. It’s a good time to give back.”

Fox admitted she was hesitant to take on daytime TV but her pal Dr. Phil wasn’t having it.

“Phil gave me the advice of, if I wanted to be successful in the daytime genre, then I had to be prepared to work hard,” she said. “It takes time to build a show. I’ve kind of gotten a little spoiled. Being a film actress, I get immediate results. You know whether or not your film was great or if it tanks.

“In the daytime genre, it takes time to build. So he said, ‘You’re gonna have to work hard. You either find your audience [or] build your audience and he’s absolutely correct.”

And Fox isn’t afraid of a challenge.

“It’s a beautiful time to be a woman over 50, to be a mature woman in Hollywood, to be very honest with you,” she said. “… You’re seeing women [who] are mothers over 40. From Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Uma Thurman — you’re seeing a lot of my co-stars, believe it or not, that are entering into new chapters of their lives and they’re still looking great and taking care of themselves.”

She added: “It’s a good time. Women are taking care of themselves. And finally, we’re being respected for that. And I also believe we’re seeing more wonderful programming and movies and opportunities for mature women. … I’m a very proud woman to be in my 50s who’s having an amazing resurgence in her career.”

Henson returns to the hit series “Empire” on Fox Sept. 26 at 8:00pm.

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