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‘Ancient History Hunters: Straight Out of America’ and Facts That Make You Go Hmmm

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*Do you ever think about ancient history?  What do think of when you think about it?  Does it include Blacks?  Our history did not begin with Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.  What happened with us Before the Common Era (BCE)?  Do not look in the history books, because you will not find much, if anything there.  (What do you expect, when they pick and choose what is included in the history books?)  Thanks to Ancient History Hunters, a group of dedicated individuals whose goal and mission is to make people aware of little known ancient history facts, we have the opportunity to be presented with a treasure trove of information.

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On September 15, 2018, “The Business of Music” conference was held at the Westin Hotel in Los Angeles and included a litany of industry people.  Writer, filmmaker and Ancient History Hunters Leader Diane Blackmon Bailey and her Ancient History Hunters crew were on hand to give a press conference presenting information on their monumental much anticipated and much needed documentary film, “Ancient History Hunters:  Straight Out of America.”  Blackmon Bailey declares, it is, “Time to take our identity back from the culture vultures.”  She has written several pieces on the subject of ancient history and previously shared, “Because of the overwhelming love, of the audience for my articles and the absolute thirst for hidden knowledge and history expressed by my readers – Ancient History Hunters the Documentary Film was just the next step.”

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Diane Blackmon Bailey

Ancient History Hunters Straight Out of America traces back to the beginning of “Turtle Island” and beyond, with information that has been stricken from the history books, if it was ever there in the first place.  Straight out of America tells what mainstream media and academia never wanted you to know about our American ancestry.  Did you know California was named after a Black queen, Queen Califia?  Was there a lost ancient civilization in Pyramid Lake California?  Are some of the Freedmen actually indigenous or free people of color?  Did Canadian indigenous citizen scientists discover an American Aboriginal gene?  Were so-called African American men misclassified through paper genocide?  These and many other questions are answered in Straight Out of America, a film presented courtesy of Blackmon Entertainment Media, The Black University Radio Network,and EURweb.  Diane Blackmon Bailey shared she is doing the film for her father who recently passed away and added, “Not only do we have to do this for my pop, we have to do it for you too.”

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Diane Blackmon and the Ancient History Hunter team

Although we have to wait until Spring 2019 before the film is released, we only have to wait until October 12, 2018 for the soundtrack, including the title track, “Get Free,” to drop.  The soundtrack includes an impressive array of artists, including alums of the Mils Davis Band, Buddy Guy, Ladysmith Black Mombazo, an international lecturer and spoken word artist and is produced by five-time Grammy nominated producer and film composer Robert Irving III, who spent nine years collaborating with Miles Davis.

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I love history, especially our history and am excited to hear about Ancient History Hunters and look forward to the film Ancient History Hunters:  Straight Out of America.  There is nothing wrong with learning things outside of history books.  After all, didn’t someone say, “Knowledge is power?”  Kudos to Diane Blackmon Bailey for having the vision to seek and share knowledge.

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Marilyn Smith

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