Wednesday, October 5, 2022

‘Insecure’ Showrunner on Issa’s Raps, Lyft Driving and the Lawrence-lovers

*“Insecure” Showrunner Prentice Penny spoke with TheWrap about why Issa Rae didn’t rap in the season 3 premiere episode and how her new living situation is cramping her style.

In the episode, Issa is living with Daniel (Y’Ian Noel) — the guy she cheated on Lawrence (Jay Ellis) with. As noted by the publication, when Issa gazes at a spot above the bathroom sink where a mirror should be, but it’s just a mirror-less medicine cabinet, Penny said: “That was our sort of way of highlighting [her discomfort]/ And it’s the first time that we actually see somebody interrupt [her mirror rap].”

He added that one of the biggest reasons for Issa’s mirror raps is to show “her inner thoughts.”

“No matter where she is, the mirror is obviously a place of comfort for her,” he said.

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This season, her raps will be used as an “arc to show where she is.”

“The fact that she’s not in her environment, she’s not comfortable, and the fact that there’s someone in her life that’s disrupting that energy, that’s why we had that moment happen,” Penny said. “Because it’s like she’s not really comfortable, actually, everything is different. The mirror used to be in front of her, now it’s on the side, okay, ‘I want to do it but I don’t really have an environment to be safe and comforted.’”

On taking Lawrence out of the season’s main storyline, Penny noted: “Not having Lawrence around was a big thing to get us out of our comfort zone.”

Adding, “We’re not here to destroy people’s love for the show by taking him out of the show, we’re trying to grow the show and make the show the best it can be and that we love the show just as much as they do and we want that for it too,” he continued. “So just trust that even if you don’t see certain characters trust that we’re going to build an interesting show.”

And when it comes to Issa’s Lyft driving: “For one we just thought it’d be interesting and fun for her to have, like, a series of odd jobs,” Penny said, noting that some people use ridesharing gigs as their main source of income, and the “Insecure” writers “were really intrigued by that. And so it’s like also a way we could get comedy out of things, too.”

“Insecure” airs Sundays on HBO at 10:30pm.

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