Monday, September 26, 2022

Here’s Why So Many Fans Believe Beyoncé IS a Witch

*As we previously reported, Beyoncé’s former drummer claims the singer used “witchcraft” and “powerful dark magic” to control her and her finances.

Kimberly Thompson also accuses the singer of taping her calls, killing her cat and using witchcraft to molest and sexually assault her. Now she wants a restraining order against Bey — but a judge has denied her request.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Thompson says she used to work for Beyoncé “as her drummer for her band for 7 years.” The site also reports that she was part of Bey’s an all-female band, has released several albums on her own record label, and has played with The 8G Band on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

But what is surprising about Thompson’s witchcraft” clams against Bey are the number of people on social media who appear to be taking the accusations seriously.

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via The Daily Beast:

Part of the reason why so many are ready to give time to these theories is that Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z have fed Illuminati conspiracy theories for years, in what many believe to be a cynical effort to boost traffic.

The video for “Apeshit,” for example, was filmed in the Louvre (ground zero for Illuminati theorists, thanks to The Da Vinci Code and its I.M. Pei-designed pyramidal entrance) and stuffed full of occult symbolism.

Jay has been linked to the secret society since the late 1990s, thanks in large part to the signature hand sign for Roc Nation—believed to be a nod to the triangle symbol that represents the Illuminati, the report states.

Beyoncé’s flashed the sign during her 2013 Super Bowl performance.

“Single Ladies” is apparently demonic in nature — when the song is played in reverse. Check it out below.

Conspiracy theorists also claim the name of Bey’s baby, Blue Ivy, is actually an acronym for Born Living Under Evil Illuminati’s Very Youngest.

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