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EUR Insight/The Best Black History Documentaries

*Talented filmmakers can offer their creative perspective of documentaries that open a window to our past. They can make us relive the Washington March of 1963 or join the Freedom Riders on the Greyhound bus. If you don’t know what these events are, you should definitely look for these rich insights of our culture and society.

Here is a list of some of the most powerful documentaries that explore Black culture and history in America:

The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross

This series had premiered in 2013 and won an Emmy Award! The series explores how Black identity has formed over the years in terms of social perspective, culture and religion. The spectrum of history ranges over two continents, and 5 hundred years! It also features some eyewitness accounts that were present along the very frontline of these changes.

Freedom Riders

This documentary is based on a book by Raymond Arsenault about the struggle of the Black community for racial justice. This two hour documentary revolves around how four hundred white and black Americans had travelled on a bus into the segregated south as a protest. These people were determined to fight for civil rights and called themselves the ‘Freedom Riders’.

Slavery by Another Name

Do you think slavery had ended after the Civil War? If so you really need to watch this documentary. This 90 minute documentary enlightens us about the systematic approaches that were undertaken to re-enslave some newly freed Black people in the U.S. The actual descendants of these victims are interviewed in the documentary which changes our assumptions of when slavery had ended.

Eyes on the Prize

If you want a complete review about the Civil Rights Movement, you have to look no further. This documentary was premiered on mainstream television in 1987 and was named ‘an exhaustively detailed documentary which should not be missed’. The documentary shows us the defining moments of the Civil Rights Movement like the Voting Rights Act, Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Black Power Movement.

The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975

This documentary tells us the stories of revolution from the words of Swedish journalists. Some of the most famous interviews are featured here like Eldridge Cleaver and Angela Davis. This is because these videos were found some thirty years later in a Swedish basement. The co-producer of this documentary is the famous Lethal Weapon lead – Danny Glover.

These are some of the most noteworthy reflections of Black History that enlighten and inspire us. After you are done with these, we’re sure you’ll be thirsty for more!



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