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Vegas Gambler Boots Denzel Washington from Seat at Boxing Match: Report

denzel washington - the hurricane
Denzel Washington as Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter in ‘The Hurricane’

*Just because you’re an Academy Award-winning box office titan doesn’t mean you’re always going to receive the red carpet treatment, as Denzel Washington learned last weekend when a Las Vegas high roller booted the star from his seat before the Gennady Golovkin versus Canelo Álvarez middleweight championship fight because he was in the gambler’s spot.

Page Six reports that the incident went down in front A-listers Will Smith, LeBron James, Dave Chappelle and Latina actress and singer Greice Santo.

The gambler reportedly had trouble convincing Washington, who was sitting with Lakers legend Norm Nixon, to move.

“I love you, but you’re in my seat,” the man said. “This isn’t a movie. There’s no stuntman. This is real life.”

Denzel eventually gave up the seat.


When reached for comment, Washington’s rep said, “I don’t know a thing about it.”

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In related news, for his first-ever sequel, “Equalizer 2,” Washington plays Lyft driver Robert McCall, a role he prepared for with the help of a five-year Lyft driving veteran, Markel Wade.

According to the report, Wade trained Washington as a Lyft driver for three days, as ride-sharing is something the actor had never experienced.

AOL caught up with Wade to dish about his experience and what it was like training Washington for his the role.

Peep what he had to say below.

AOL: How did you come to be the person Denzel trained under — was there an application process? Were you approached? Walk me through how this came into fruition.

Markel Wade: It was an opportunity that I learned about through Lyft. I’ve been a Lyft driver since 2013 and was one of the first Lyft drivers in Boston. When Equalizer 2 began filming in Boston, Denzel was looking for a real person to learn from—someone who knew the ropes, had insider tips, and shared the same commitment to community as his character, so Lyft approached me with the opportunity. I’ve also done some acting myself, so I was really excited to bring these passions together.

AOL: What was it like meeting Denzel for the first time? Do you remember your first conversation?

MW: I’m not easily star stuck, so we were able to have a very laid back conversation. Our first meeting was on-set before I learned that I was going to drive Denzel around—just the two of us. From the minute we met, we had a strong mutual respect. He’s a solid, down-to-earth guy, really dedicated to his craft, and he was genuinely interested in learning about me—where I was born, about my family life, what motivates me to be a Lyft driver. I let him know that everything I do is for my two kids.

AOL: What was something you learned from Denzel that surprised you?

MW: He’s a die-hard Yankees fan. I’m just as much of a die-hard Red Sox fan, so we bonded over baseball during our rides. Early on we joked about how much we hate each other’s home teams, so naturally I bought him a Red Sox cap, and he bought me a Yankees cap. We agreed to wear them under the condition that no pictures be taken…ever! After about a minute, we both couldn’t stand wearing the caps any longer. But, I still have the Yankees cap he got me—it’s a good story to tell.

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