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The Casinos You’re Most Likely to Meet a Celeb


*The advent of Twitter and Instagram has helped to connect celebrities with the public and fans in a more intimate way. However, seeing celebrities in the flesh is still something of a treat.

Money, success and adoration all contribute to create barriers between celebrities and their fans – so you’re very unlikely to be able to hang out in the same circle of friends as an A-lister, or afford to have the same lifestyle.

That said, there’s one place where you’ll stand a better chance than most of seeing a famous face – the casino. Regardless of your income or social status, casinos will welcome you in – provided you’re old enough and stick to any dress code rules. Casinos used to be the domain of the rich and powerful, but head into any casino across the world and you’ll encounter a wide range of individuals – including celebrities.

Let’s look at where you can expect to have a chance of rubbing shoulders with someone famous.

Grosvenor Casino, Leicester


This particular casino is situated in the centre of Leicester – a short walk from the Highcross centre and the train station. It is by no means an exclusive casino, but it’s the regular haunt of Leicester City and Leicester Tigers players. Geordan Murphy, Martin Johnson, Lewis Moody, Robert Huth, Gary Lineker and others have been known to have a flutter at the Grosvenor.

In the summer before Leicester City won the Premier League, the Grosvenor rose to notoriety when Jamie Vardy along with other Foxes players went to the casino and caused controversy by using a racial slur against a Japanese man in the casino. Following widespread admonishment, Vardy and his accomplices later apologised for their offensive remarks, but that incident hasn’t deterred celebrities visiting the venue.

For those of you with a penchant for older music, there is also the chance of seeing crooner Englebert Humperdinck down the Grosvenor as well.

235 Casino, Manchester

Sticking with the sporting theme, the 235 Casino in Manchester is an excellent place to spot some of the Premier League’s biggest stars. Manchester City, Manchester United, Burnley and Huddersfield Town players have all been known to visit the 235 Casino and mingle with the public.

Huddersfield and Burnley players may not be the biggest draw for celebrity spotters, but the chance to see some of Pep Guardiola’s Premier League winners could be alluring to ardent celeb spotters.

235 rose to prominence in 2011 when then Manchester City forward Mario Balotelli visited the casino and won £25,000 while playing roulette. On exiting the casino he spotted a beggar that he recognised from around Manchester and handed him just over £1,000.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

To meet Hollywood A-listers in casinos, you really need to head to Vegas. Famous names are synonymous with Vegas casinos, but one celebrity you won’t see in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino anymore is Ben Affleck.

The movie star, known for films such as ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘Superman v Batman’ is a formidable better, and even won the 2004 California poker championship. However, he was banned from the Hard Rock in 2014 after winning suspiciously large amounts at the blackjack table.

He was accused of counting cards – something that’s strictly prohibited in casinos globally. While he initially denied this, he later ‘fessed up, and now seeks his gambling thrills elsewhere. You may have to be able to see through the false moustache and sunglasses to spot him.

VIP clubs of top online casinos


OK, so you won’t actually see celebrities here, but there’s every chance you could be playing against them and interacting with them – as well as a lot of high-rollers. Due to the attention some celebrities receive at land-based casinos, many have turned to online gambling to get their gambling fill.

And they’re naturally going to be drawn to a VIP club, where they can benefits from special offers, top-class service and glamorous events. VIP clubs online attract plenty of big-name players, and you can often find out who they are by reading the username or chatting to them in messenger.

Best of all, you can communicate with these celebs from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to book expensive flights or dress in your best suit – just visit a highly regarded casino operator such as 777 casino online and explore the VIP club special promotions and rewards.

The Bellagio, Las Vegas

The Bellagio is perhaps the most famous casino in the world, thanks to multiple references in popular culture and celebrity patrons. The Bellagio is one of the must-visit casinos in Las Vegas for anyone, and celebrities regularly flock there.

Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, Eminem, Aaron Paul and others have all been spotted at The Bellagio. In fact, the chances of not seeing a celebrity at The Bellagio are relatively slim. However, The Bellagio has many private rooms for celebrities to use to escape attention so you may not see some of the biggest stars on the main floor.

SkyCity, Auckland

If you happen to be Down Under, you may want to have a flutter, and the best place to do just that is SkyCity in Auckland in New Zealand. The casino is well-known for having an egalitarian approach to guests and not treating the public differently from celebrities – so it’s here that you stand the best chance of being able to chat to a famous gambler if you bump into one.

This approach from staff became obvious in 2016 when British Formula One champion stayed over in Auckland before the Melbourne Grand Prix. The racing star tweeted to his 3.2 million followers the day after his visit saying: “Don’t ever go to SkyCity casino in Auckland, they treated me like dirt.”

However, sources close to the casino claim that Hamilton took umbridge to the fact that he didn’t receive the special treatment he is usually accustomed to. The revelations led to him being labelled a ‘spoiled brat’ by the British media. So you won’t see Hamilton here, but if you are in at the same time as another celebrity, you will be treated no differently.

If you do manage to find a celebrity at any of these places, remember a few things:=

  1. Don’t rush in to take an unwelcome selfie – it’s hardly endearing and could even get you thrown out of the casino
  2. Don’t ask about any embarrassing details in their personal life, which they probably don’t want you to know about
  3. Remember that these guys are people too, so if you’re looking for a good experience with them, treat them as such.

Happy celeb-spotting!



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