Thursday, May 26, 2022

‘BlacKkKlansman’ and the Ridiculousness of White Supremacy

*Oh AmeriKKKa, you’re in for so much. This tale of an infiltration of the Ku Klux Klan is going to be set in the 70’s and but is rumored to portray Trump’s America. This whole movie will have you laughing hysterically at the sheer insanity of white supremacy and racism.

The movie features profoundly funny conversations which denounce white supremacy in the funniest ways; like whenever someone says white, they pronounce it ‘whquite.’ Other than this, the movie amplifies the distinct way black and white people talk; quite like we saw in the movie ‘Black Dynamite’.

A profound moment in the movie is when the lynching of Jesse Washington is retold by a character. These little sequences in the movie are placed very effectively as they propose the difference in thought processes at the time. The Blacks are seen asking for equality, while the whites rally to be considered supreme.

You would find yourself hoping through the movie that both the police infiltrators of the KKK aren’t caught. This makes the movie a rollercoaster of emotion ranging from comedic to thrilling. One particular portrayal of a member of the KKK called Felix is particularly frightening. He’s seen as one member of the KKK who actually takes it very seriously.

Felix’s character is then also molded into a funny one when his wife initiates pillow talk with him with words of hate that stimulate him. Felix is also portrayed in a manner that shows white supremacy over other races. One such case in the movie is where he boasts himself of being whiter than another KKK member because the latter is Jewish. He then also hilariously adds that he even has more skin than the Jewish to prove it!

Without adding any spoilers for people who intend to watch this movie, the ending is a pretty one. After the end though, Spike Lee has added real footages of protests that took place in Charlottesville, Va. Even white allies of the time are featured in these footages like Heather Heyer – who lost her life while rallying for black people.

Spike Lee explained his choice of footages at the end by saying that there weren’t just black people who were fighting for the cause. He also said that this movie is not a black and white thing, but only says no to alt-right and Neo-Nazis.

This was another wink at the government of Donald Trump!

The movie brings our attention of to serious issues that are embedded in the past but are equally visible in the present too!




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