Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Janet Jackson and Bobby Brown’s Hotel Fight Scene Edited Out of BET Biopic

*Many fans find it hard to believe that Bobby Brown and Janet Jackson once had a love affair so intense that it ended with him kicking her out of his hotel room naked.

BET’s 2-part biopic “The Bobby Brown Story” was rumored to have a much-hyped hotel room fight between the New Edition singer and the pop icon.

According to Bobby, who served as an EP on the project, he had a secret love affair with Janet in the ’90s that ended when he threw her out of his hotel room.

In one scene, Bobby (played by Woody McCain) asks Janet (Cree Davis) to define their relationship while they lay together in a hotel room bed.

At the time Janet was allegedly involved in a relationship with her fiancé, Rene Elizondo.

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“I mean, we obviously got feelings for each other,” Bobby says. “Are you really about to marry him and just keep me on the side?”

If you believe Bobby, Janet’s father didn’t want her to date a dark-skinned Black man — which she denies.

“I’m worth $25 million, and he’s what, a damn backup dancer?” he says of Elizondo as Janet gets up to leave.

Viewers expecting to see Bobby throw a naked Janet out of the room were disappointed to find that scene was apparently cut in the editing process.

Blogger Sandra Rose writes: “I recall Janet addressing whether she slept with Bobby in an old Right On! magazine interview. If my memory is correct, Janet said she never dated Bobby.”

Meanwhile, Jackson will answer the burning question on Steve Harvey’s iHeart Radio Show next Friday, Sept. 14.

“Hey u guys! I’m doing an @AskAnythingChat session with @SteveHarveyFM @iHeartRadio listeners,” she tweeted on Wednesday. She also posted a link for fans to ask questions that she will answer on the podcast.

Watch a scene from the biopic below.

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