Saturday, September 24, 2022

Must See Video: 60-Yr-Old Angela Bassett Gettin’ Her Groove on + Man Feeds Crocodiles by Hand (WATCH!)

angela bassett - bikini
60-Yr-old Angela Bassett showing off her badass bikini body

*Damn, she makes 60 look like 40 … with ease, too. Yep, we’re referring to actress Angela Bassett, turned 60 back on August 14, but just got around to celebrating with a big ol’ 60th b-day party this past weekend. We must mention that earlier she broke the Internet when she showed off her bikini body on her birthday. If you missed it then, check it out above.

As far as her party, as you can see from the video below, she turned it out and at the soiree she was surrounded by her closest friends, family, and a few celebrities. It went down at a private LA estate, we’re told.

TMZ’s obtained a new video of the shooter pointing his gun in the air and firing 2 rounds before deputies returned fire with 4 rounds of their own.

Cops say 22-year-old Daniel Elizarraras was at the legendary Del Mar race track Saturday in San Diego County where the horses were racing and a Cube concert was to follow. During the 10th and final race, Elizarraras went to the ticket window but was turned away, after being told the concert was sold out.

Cops say he became irate and fired several shots into the crowd. No one was hit, but San Diego Sheriff’s deputies returned fire and Elizarraras went down. You hear 4 shots fired at him.

And to end today’s Must See videos, we have a man – who we predice – will be minus at at least one hand if he’s not too carefull because his job is the feed crocodiles by hand! This is beyond insane, but we bet you won’t be able to stop looking.




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