Thursday, May 26, 2022

MLK’s Niece Says He Would’ve Laughed at Cardi B’s ‘Housewives of the Civil Rights Movement’ Spoof

*Cardi B has apologized for appearing in a controversial comedy sketch in which she played Martin Luther King Jr.’s widow, Coretta Scott King — but the niece of the late civil rights activist says her uncle might’ve actually gotten a kick out of the skit.

TMZ caught up Alveda King — whose father was Dr. King’s brother — and she says it’s important people know that the “Housewives of the Civil Rights Movement” skit was all in good fun.

She says Mrs. King and the other Civil Rights ‘housewives’ didn’t talk like that, and never would.

Watch the clip above.

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In the piece, which TMZ posted Tuesday – on the 55th anniversary of Dr. King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech – the spouses of King, Malcolm X, Jesse Jackson sit around a mansion and talk.

“I think I should be the leader of this group,” Cardi B asserts before another housewife calls Dr. King a “ho.”

King’s son, Martin Luther King III, called the sketch “beyond offensive” in a TMZ interview.

“Young people look up to these artists,” he said, urging viewers to engage in the electoral process.

However, he thanked Cardi in a subsequent tweet for “reaching out to [him] and apologizing” for the skit. “I am looking forward to talking with you soon,” he added. 

King’s daughter Bernice King called the clip “repulsive.”

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