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Kevin Carroll Says Facebook Watch Best Platform for ‘Sacred Lies’

Kevin Carroll as Dr. Wilson in ‘Sacred Lies.’

*Kevin Carroll stars in the Facebook Watch series “Sacred Lies” as a forensic psychologist. Based on the Grimm Brothers’ tale “The Handless Maiden” and Stephanie Oakes‘ novel “The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly,” the drama is about a handless teen who escapes from a cult and finds herself in juvenile detention, suspected of knowing who killed the cult leader.

In an exclusive interview, Carroll explained why Facebook Watch watchers get a more in depth experience seeing the series on Facebook.

Kevin, how did you get involved in this project?

 To be honest, Marie, sometimes you find projects and sometimes projects find you. And I think for me the stars aligned at the right time. It came through at a time when I had a few different auditions. But this one seemed very interesting in terms of a black forensic psychologist and the passion Raelle Tucker (Blumhouse Television executive producer and showrunner) had for the project. It was so all consuming.

Do you relate at all to your character?

Oh for sure. The notion of giving strength to those that come after you to do better than you did. It is something that has always been a part of who I am; the notion of responsibility toward your fellow-person.

Kevin Carroll and Elena Kampouris in ‘Sacred Lies.’

What’s the importance of having this series on Facebook Watch?

Who would be brave enough to produce a show like this where you have the main character being a disabled heroine that has no hands. Then thee’s the Blumhouse team with the idea of moving culture forward, using a different voice outside of the expected, outside of the norm, and what is comfortable. Facebook galvanizes the notion of community. They’re not policed the same as with some of the platforms like ABC, NBC, or CBS. And we can talk to the fans.

“Sacred Lies” can be seen Fridays at 9 p.m. EST/6 p.m. PST on Facebook. Cast also includes Elena Kampouris, John Malkovich, Kiana Madeira, Ryan Robbins, and Toby Huss.       Twitter: @thefilmstrip

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