Thursday, May 26, 2022

Must See Videos! Did Chaka Call Beyonce A B*tch? + Swae Lee’s Lip Busted by Fan Throwing Phone – WATCH

*OK, let’s get started with an oldie but goodie. It was back in 2014, while on the red carpet, Chaka Khan was complimented on her ‘flawless’ look. However, the interviewer, Mike Melendy, made a Beyonce “flawless” comparison that Chaka didn’t particularly care for.

Under Her breath, it appears her response was “that Bitch!”But, you be the Judge. What do you think she said?

In this clip, some nitwit named Colion Noir discussed the George Zimmerman case and explained why it wasn’t as open-and-shut as many believed it to be.

Noir admitted that as a black man he didn’t like the verdict but said as a lawyer he’d be hard pressed to find Zimmerman guilty from the evidence that was presented.

Noir also breaks down the stark differences between “stand your ground” and self defense and how Zimmerman’s legal team used the latter to seal their victory.

This shouldn’t happen to anybody. Rapper Swae Lee found himself bleeding on stage Sunday night after getting hit in the face with a fan’s cell phone! It went down during Rae Sremmurd’s “Dazed & Blazed Summer 2018 Amphitheater Tour” with Wiz Khalifa at Dallas’ Starplex Pavilion.

The phone hit Swae in the face and busted his lip open. It also knocked out part of his tooth. Rightfully he’s pissed as hell. And if it happened to you, you’d be mad as hell, too.




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