Friday, August 12, 2022

Bobby Brown Goes at Kanye West, Discusses Whitney 911 Call & Lot’s More – WATCH!

Bobby Brown & Audie Cornish - screenshot-buzzfeed1
Bobby Brown & Audie Cornish

*Tune-in to Facebook Watch tonight, Sunday, August 26 at 8PM ET (7PM Central / 5PM Pacific) as host Audie Cornish asks Bobby Brown the questions that fans want to know in this week’s episode of PROFILE by BuzzFeed News.

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Below are some sneak-peek questions and videos of Brown candidly answering all the questions put to him.

On reliving getting his on-again/off-again girlfriend pregnant the same time as Whitney Houston in the BET biopic:
Sometimes you just have to speak it so that…you can get the cobwebs out. A clear mind is a clear heart and a healthy heart. So I want to be healthy as long as I possibly can and be here as long as I possibly can so you know to get everything out in the open for me I think is healthy.

On past lovers Madonna and Janet Jackson:
Yeah, that’s just part of…my life that has gotten me to this point…Sometimes you’re thinking you’re having so much fun and then you look back when you really think about it, you know maybe I wasn’t having fun. Maybe I was hiding something from myself. I’ve learned to love myself a lot more now. I’m newly…I married my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful wife and we have three children and I’m just happier now, so I feel it’s the greatest time to just be Bobby.

On his growing feud with Kanye:
Ignorant people are ignorant people and they’re going to be that way until they find themselves….Disrespectful, very disrespectful…you expect disrespectful stuff from Kanye West anyway so you know he’s not going to change. As long as he stays clear from me, he’ll be safe, he’ll be ok.

On whether he has seen the Whitney documentary:
I don’t want to see that…I just didn’t want to see it.

On opening the Bobbi Kristina Serenity House:
It’s for my daughter…It’s a safe haven…We have a 1 800 hotline number that you can call in if you need to get away and we have people that are there to help you and help you cope and get out of the relationship you’re in.

On a response to the critics who question his motives by opening the foundation:
Let them be negative. I’m living positive. If you’re going to keep negative in your mind and in your heart, you’re not living right.

On why some members of New Edition won’t be joining his tour:
Nothing happened….RBRM decided that [we] might as well go out and tour and have some fun….It’s just not time right now [for New Edition to tour]. New Edition always picks a time to come together and we pick a time to give each other a break…

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