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Dalmar Abuzeid in Unique Role on ‘Anne With An E’ Streaming on Netflix

Dalmar Abuzeid
Dalmar Abuzeid as Sebastian Lacroix in ‘Anne With An E.’

*In an exclusive interview with Dalmar Abuzeid, he talked about his unique role in “Anne With An E” that is streaming on Netflix. The hit show that has returned for a second season introduces viewers to the Bog in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (PEI) where the city’s marginalized black community lived.

Dalmar, how important is this character to the series?

Sebastian ‘Bash’ Lacroix is from Trinidad and has worked for 10 years on the ship in the show. Obviously he’s in a tough time, but I think the most important thing about Sebastian is his drive and the fire in his heart. He’s smart and wants to make something of his life.

I also think the role is very important because we don’t see black actors in period pieces all too often. The fact that Sebastian is a black character introduced into a story that’s been around for a hundred years that never had a black character is all the more special because it’s a story that people already know. So I think it’s a huge step forward.

Dalmar Abuzeid (right) and Lucas Jade Zumann
Dalmar Abuzeid (right) and Lucas Jade Zumann in a scene from ‘Anne With An E.’

Did you do any research on PEI before taking on the role?

Yes, and I found in one article that the Bog was a place where free slaves came to stay in the 1800s that was on the outskirts of Charlotte town. So it was through that, that I kind of got a crash course that this place existed. It’s a blessing to not only tell stories, but be educated myself and educate others with inspiring stories.

Are you surprised at the success of the show?

No. It screens all over the world and the response has been incredible. People happy to see my character on the show have been reaching out to me from all over the world. I’m grateful that we have this platform now that so many people can access at their fingertips.       Twitter: @thefilmstrip

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