Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The Bad News for the Democrats: A Lot of Blacks Do Like Trump

Photo Credit: Twitter.com

*The first inkling I got that a lot more blacks liked Trump than they dared let on was during a dinner table discussion with a relative a couple of days before the 2016 presidential election. He flatly said that he was voting for Trump. There was dead silence, shock, and then loud outbursts of “no” followed by non-stop pillorying of him.

He stuck to his guns and said Trump appealed to him because he represented change and he thought he’d be good for small business and would cut taxes. It was a textbook Horatio Alger, laissez faire rationalization that would warm the heart of any conservative supply sider devotee.

He was a post-civil rights era, forty something, small business owner himself. So, this bogus line made much sense to him. He was just the kind of guy who Trump loved to brag about at every turn who would vote for him. As it turned out more than a few blacks did. A new Rasmussen poll if believed shows just how right he was.

According to the poll an astounding one in three blacks say they approve of his performance. Now, Rasmussen is a GOP-Trump leaning poll that always manages to show him doing better than just about any other poll in his approval ratings. However, even if the staggering figure of black support is wrong as sin, other polls including an NAACP survey all show that Trump is doing a lot better than many might think among blacks.

Trump’s black approval numbers seem even more bizarre, no contradictory, coming on the heels of (READ MORE)



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