Saturday, August 13, 2022

Lend Your Ears to These Awesome Black Podcasts


*Since podcasts came along, commuting has been forever changed. Whether in your car or on the train, it’s hard to beat the entertainment or knowledge you gain from listening to a podcast. In 2018, it’s rare that we think anyone would need to know what a podcast is, as the medium has exploded in popularity due to the likes of Serial, This American Life, and The Joe Rogan Experience. Podcasters, it seems, are becoming the new radio stars.

It should come as no surprise that a great many listenable podcasts have emerged from talented and funny black hosts across the U.S. From sports to movies to social issues, these hosts are just some of the voices of our nation right now, and they most certainly deserve your undivided attention during your next commute.

Big Podcast with Shaq


Much like fellow ex-NBA star Chris Webber, Shaq’s deep, booming voice works surprisingly well in podcast form, with Diesel naturally discussing current events surrounding basketball, but all sorts of entertainment news and randomness generally happen on the podcast. The big guy has some wild stories to tell and you’re never short of laughs here, but things can also get a bit emotional, primarily when one-time-enemy-but-still-friend-and-ex-Laker Kobe Bryant joined the show for an engaging reunion with Shaq.

Black Men Can’t Jump (In Hollywood)


Jonathan, James, and Jerah are three guys who focus predominantly on the film and TV careers of black actors, with news, reviews, and interviews making up the run time of each episode. Although the guys try to present a more lighthearted and fun look at the entertainment industry, they do take the topic incredibly seriously and really know their stuff. Recently featured on the podcast was Charles Stone, the director of Kyrie Irving’s first motion picture, “Uncle Drew”.

Black Girls Talking


Although you might think these four very chatty and hilarious women (Ramou, Alesia, Fatima, and Aurelia) simply end up talking over each other, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Intelligent, thought-provoking but still entertaining discussions take place on the matters of race, pop culture, politics, and let’s be honest, simply random girl talk. Every now and then a guest appears, but really, it’s the camaraderie between these four black ladies which is the heart of the podcast.

The Read


Hosts Kid Fury and Crissle have such a fantastic dynamic between the two of them, that you’ll instantly be hooked on their smart (but often silly) banter. With Kid Fury hailing from Miami and Crissle from Oklahoma City, the fact that both now record the show in New York lends itself well to a fascinating insight into two black friends simply trying to make it in The Big Apple. The duo routinely cover pop culture and hip-hop news, but certainly aren’t afraid to voice their opinions on anyone they think needs taking down a peg or two.




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