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Unlike His Mother & Sister, Princess Love Wont Excuse Ray J’s Crap

(L-R): Brandy, Sonja Norwood, Ray J, and his wife, Princess Love
(L-R): Brandy, Sonja Norwood, Ray J, and his wife, Princess Love in Norwood’s hometown of McComb, Mississippi (Oct. 2017)

*Earlier this year, Princess Love took to social media to express her frustrations during Ray J’s six-day disappearance.

Her anger over the situation was heightened by Brandy taking shots and sending her tough texts.

Sonja Norwood was eventually forced to jump into the mix and demanded that her daughter-in-law publicly apologizes for spreading false information about her son.

On this new season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” fans witnessed how the three women handled all of this drama when they had a chance to speak at Love’s gender reveal party.

Minutes after the couple learned they were having a little girl, Ray J told his mother and sister that Princess was going to make a public apology—in order to restore his reputation.

But when his special lady laughed off the suggestion, things took a turn to the left.

Peep their conversation below.

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Sonja: You put him out there in the public, on some b.s.

Princess: Did you take into consideration what you’ve done? Why don’t you tell him to apologize to me?

Sonja: I don’t want to get you upset because I lost a baby once. I want you to stay stress-free and I’ll deal with you after the baby is born.

Princess: We won’t ever deal with it because I don’t care about dealing with it. This is your son and I have my mother.

Sonja: And don’t you ever forget that.

Princess: Don’t you ever forget it.

Ray J: Stop, stop.

Brandy: We have to respect. We have to respect.

Sonja: She wasn’t raised like that?

Princess: And you were? I don’t care. I’m done. You guys can see the baby when she gets here but me I’m done.

Brandy: Done with what?

Princess: Everything.

Brandy: I don’t have anything but love here. I just don’t want everybody in our business as a family. You took your name down.

Princess: So what?

Brandy: But you got to be an example for that baby.

Princess: She’ll be fine.

Brandy: You’re not an example doing that.

Princess: And you’re an example for your baby?

Brandy: I am. I am. I’m trying to be every day.

Princess: Ok because I see you on The Shade Room clapping back all the time.

Brandy: Ok I’m not perfect and I’m not a punk.

Princess: And neither am I. And neither am I.

Ray J: Stop, stop.

Brandy: We just don’t want Ray embarrassed or you embarrassed or this family embarrassed because of a moment in time that we didn’t protect. You just want to fight for no reason.

Princess: I’m not going to take marriage advice from someone that can’t even stay in a relationship for longer than three months.

Brandy: You guys deserve a shot at being good parents to this baby.

Princess: We will be good parents.

Brandy: Yeah but it won’t happen if everybody is in your life.

Princess: We’re in the spotlight. People are going to be in our business regardless.

Brandy: But you don’t have to add.

Watch the moment play out via the clip above. 

“Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1.


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