Friday, November 26, 2021

Shaunie O’Neal Looking to Change ‘Basketball Wives’ Location Following Rumor That Evelyn Lozada Slept with Her Ex

*Shaunie O’Neal is ready for a change of scenery following Monday night’s explosive episode of “Basketball Wives.

O’Neal, who is the ex-wife of retired Lakers star Shaquille O’Neal, tweeted Tuesday that she “may need a new scenery” and asked fans “where should I go next?”

Fans suggested top cities where they’d like to explore the lives of the wives of basketball players.

“We need Basketball Wives Atlanta or Chicago.”
“Atlanta or Dallas, I’m in.”
“Basketball Wives New York…”
“Charlotte. No one’s come to Charlotte yet.”

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Of all the responses, it seems Atlanta and Chicago might have it.

O’Neal wanting to take a break from L.A. for a while should come as no surprise considering the bombshell that was dropped on her in Monday night’s episode.

Tami Roman revealed that she had kept secret a rumor about Evelyn Lozada allegedly cheating with one of O’Neal’s ex’s.

“So Tami and I had a conversation about Evelyn sleeping with your ex,” disclosed Jennifer Williams, who according to Roman, had created the rumor. O’Neal was stunned and Lozada vehemently denied she did such a thing.

“I put that on my son! I would never do that s— to you,” Lozada said tearfully.

O’Neal  — who also serves an executive producer on the VH1 reality series — has been reportedly looking to expand “Basketball Wives” for some time. In 2015, she told the Jasmine Brand that she was considering a Houston-based spin-off.

“We have a Houston cast that we put together. We haven’t sold it but it’s shopping right now….It’s a good cast so I hope the network likes it…” O’Neal said at the time.

She also added that Roman, who used to appear on the Miami version of the series, would get a producer credit.

“Tami [Roman] actually put the cast together and brought it to me so, if it’s in Houston, Ms. Tami will have [a] producer credit. How ’bout that?”

Ny MaGee
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