Monday, July 4, 2022

‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Sneak Peek: Pepa Admits Feelings for Her Bodyguard

*On the next “Growing Up Hip Hop,” Pepa straight up admits she’s got a thing for her Andre, bodyguard, who’s also one of her artists.  In the sneak peek video above, she kinda uses Andre as her sounding board for her issues with Egypt as they clash over Sam.

GROWING UP HIP HOP – “LET’S TALK ABOUT SAM” – Airs Thursday July 26 at 9:00pm|8:00 C

Pepa and Egypt clash over Sam. Marriage is on the radar. JoJo is pressed to make a proposal.

Pepa’s Hot Bodyguard | Growing Up Hip Hop | WE tv


About Growing Up Hip Hop
This Season, Angela Simmons (Rev Run’s daughter), opens up for the first time about a devastating breakup and facing public scrutiny. Vanessa Simmons yearns to be closer to her sister, Angela, but new business opportunities lead to a dramatic, sibling rivalry. Romeo Miller (Master P’s son) finds himself chasing after the ‘one that got away’ to running to New Orleans with his pops to save an incarcerated family member who goes on a hunger strike! Meanwhile, Damon “Boogie” Dash’s (Damon Dash’s son) addiction spirals out of control when his little sister’s life becomes endangered. Briana Latrise (Mary J. Blige’s stepdaughter) teams up with Dame to save Boogie’s life and plot a surprise intervention. With her checkered family history, Kristinia DeBarge (James DeBarge’s daughter) musters the courage to meet with her long-lost cousin Kyndall Ferguson (El DeBarge’s daughter) while she plans a life changing move to Vegas to further her music career. Tyran Moore (Sandra “Pepa” Denton’s son) comes to visit his mother to mend broken ties, and unleashes years of pent up resentment growing up under her fame in family therapy. Egypt Criss (Pepa Denton’s daughter) has a new beau, but not everyone trusts his intentions with the princess of hip hop, including Egypt’s cousin, Tahira “Tee Tee” Francis. A shotgun wedding in Vegas shocks all!






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