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Kurupt Denies Leaving Estranged Wife Over Her Cancer Diagnosis

Rapper Kurupt attends the premiere of "Bachelor Lions" at ArcLight Hollywood on January 9, 2018 in Hollywood, California.
Rapper Kurupt attends the premiere of “Bachelor Lions” at ArcLight Hollywood on January 9, 2018 in Hollywood, California.

*Kurupt is vehemently denying claims that he ditched his wife after she was diagnosed with cancer, saying they split years before and he even helped her with medical bills following the breakup, according to The Blast.

Jovan Brown is seeking $14,413 a month in spousal support from the rapper. The couple was married in 2007 and separated in September 2017.

Brown claims she took care of Kurupt’s business matters for 16 years, facilitated his deals, made sure his kids from other women were taken care of and booked his travel.

Last year, she says she was diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer and that he has refused to pay for her medical bills or any living expenses. She also claims that he snatched all the money from their business accounts and removed her access.

Brown claims the rapper left her for another woman and informed her that he had a new life and a new family to provide for.

On July 2, Kurupt filed new documents in the case and called out his soon-to-be ex-wife for her claim he left her following her cancer diagnosis.

The rapper says they have been living apart in 2010, despite her claims they were separated in 2017. He claims that Brown was in another relationship with a new man in 2012, which continued until at least 2015. She has publicly claimed to be in a romantic relationship with ex-NBA star Gary Payton.

Kurupt says he was already an established artist when he met Brown and denies she ever managed his career. He claims to have given her a job at his company to help her support herself and kids.

The rapper says he had to let her go last year after he claims she was using his company account to pay her personal expenses, withdrew money without him knowing and even had his royalties diverted into her personal account, to the tune of $65k. He says she owes him around $175k.

Kurupt says he “absolutely did not terminate Respondent upon learning of her diagnosis,” and says she was diagnosed several years after they split. He also claims he has loaned her money for medical expenses.

He is asking the court to deny her request for spousal support or attorney fees.



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