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Deputy D.A. Who Called Maxine Waters a ‘C*nt’ and ‘Bitch’ Gets Suspension – WATCH

Michael Selyem - maxine waters
Michael Selyem – Maxine Waters

*Regarding the a-hole San Bernardino County (CA) gang prosecutor (Michael Selyem) who spewed hateful, disparaging venom at Congresswoman Maxine Waters on His Facebook page, calling her a “loud mouth c*nt in the ghetto” and a “bitch” … justice has been served … sorta. He’s been suspended. However, LA based civil rights activist Najee Ali and others are not satisfied. They are still calling for his firing.

In the wake of our story on Selyem’s derogatory comments about Waters, at a news conference on Monday (07-09-18), San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos said he was “offended” by Michael Selyem’s comments on Facebook and Instagram, and ordered an internal investigation after his office received a complaint on June 28.

“The San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office does not condone hate, discrimination or incitement of violence,” Ramos stated during the news conference at the District Attorney’s Office. “Our community and the entire criminal justice system depends on having a fair, ethical, and unbiased prosecutor. We must insist on that — an unbiased prosecutor.”

Here’s the bottom line thus far: At the conclusion of the internal probe, Ramos said, his office will consider disciplinary action, including possible termination. Meanwhile, he said, Selyem’s pending cases have been reassigned to other prosecutors.

Selyem has a history of making inappropriate posts. For example, there’s an online argument he had with someone over the police shooting of a civilian. In it, he wrote, “That s—bag got exactly what he deserved. … You reap what you sow. And by the way go fyourself you liberal s—bag.”

The disturbed Deputy DA also targeted former first lady Michelle Obama, Mexican immigrants and of course, U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters.

He also posted a doctored picture of Michelle Obama holding a sign saying, “Trump grabbed my penis.”

“I was offended by the comments, not just as the district attorney but as a prosecutor, and I think further, as the district attorney, I was really concerned with comments regarding officer-involved shootings,” Ramos said. He said such comments affect “the ability for us to ensure the integrity of this office and making sure the public knows that we are doing these cases and investigating these cases in an unbiased fashion.”


Ramos’ news conference preceded one held outside his office by Los Angeles civil rights activist Najee Ali, who said his organization, Project Islamic Hope, would be filing a formal complaint against Selyem with the state Bar Association demanding he be disbarred.

“He does not deserve to be serving in any shape, form or fashion in law enforcement at all,” Ali said.

He said Selyem’s actions have stirred reaction among minorities across the nation, which he has fielded on his organization’s website.

“This man has proven by his words that he does not have the integrity, the character or the morals to be in that job and working as a D.A.,” Ali said. “We don’t trust him. Nobody can trust him anymore because his true feelings came out by what he said publicly, not just one time, but several times. He used language that was disparaging, inappropriate and just wrong.”

If Selyem isn’t fired, Ali said, he and others will “take to the streets” in protest.

“We have the power, the proven ability to organize successfully and mobilize people, and this issue has united everybody,” he said.

michael selyem FB rant on maxine waters

California Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters was disparaged with offensive comments by gang prosecutor Michael Selyem in this Facebook post above. (Photo via Facebook)

The Rev. Jesse Jackson also weighed in Monday, tweeting: “San Bernardino Senior Prosecutor Michael Selyem sounds like a thug and should be fired for calling (Waters) the c-word, and speculating on social media why she has not been shot. Preposterous, racist and dangerous.”

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