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‘Power’ Creator Courtney Kemp on Why She ‘Had’ to Kill Raina

50 Cent and Courtney Kemp (Starz)
50 Cent and Courtney Kemp (Starz)

*“Power” left fans with many questions after Raina’s unexpected death at the end of its 4th season.

Like, “why did she have to die?”

Series creator Courtney Kemp has offered up an explanation about the heartbreaking moment.

“No, it wasn’t,” Kemp told EXCLUSIVELY when asked if it was a difficult decision to kill off Raina. “It was the right piece of storytelling.” But why? — “I say this all the time, I tell people, ‘I think you’re confusing how hard it is to watch, than how hard it would be to make the decision (to kill her off),” she explained, adding that the two “are not the same.”

Kemp explained: “It was difficult for y’all to watch, because you didn’t know it was happening. But, if you think about it, Tariq had made so many bad decisions all the way along, someone was going to get killed because of his bad decisions. The fact that it wasn’t him is what makes our show better than other shows.”

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A the premiere of Power‘s fifth season on June 29 at Radio City in New York City, Kemp said she’s “overwhelmed,” by the show.

“I’m really excited for people to see the show,” she said, adding, “It’s going to be really intense this season. You’re going to have some feelings for sure.”

“Power” season five returned to the small screen on July 1, and picked up with James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) in a dangerous alliance with his former drug partner and brother in arms Tommy Egan (Joe Sikora) and mortal enemy Kanan Stark (50 Cent). As Ghost mourns the death of his daughter Raina, he searches for vengeance and throws himself into his work, reaching of new, professional heights. But with this newfound publicity, his quest for blood threatens to dismantle his legitimate legacy. Ghost is blind to new enemies and as the Feds grow closer to unmasking his true identity, Ghost must remain vigilant toward those wanting to take him down for his past criminal enterprises.

As for what fans can expect this season? — chatted with some of the cast and crew while at the premiere.

“It’s bad to the bone… This season in particular is going to be a ‘wow!’. We’re going to learn a lot more about complexity, characters will do unexpected things just when you thought you knew them.” — Executive Producer, Mark Canton

“I think you might get some more trolling of Angela in season 5, it’s safe to say that. Power is always a crazy rollercoaster, but this year, I feel like it really becomes an unsafe rollercoaster. But, you get the same levels — you’re going to laugh, yell at the TV, get angry, maybe tear up — all the emotions. We get the scripts and do big table reads, and at the end of the table reads, I literally have to leave the room and take some deep breaths. It really shakes you up. It really makes me nervous just reading this stuff, so it’s really easy to play Proctor.” — Jerry Ferrara (Proctor).

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