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Michael Henderson to Re-land His Starship in Hollywood on July 7

michael henderson (at mic)
Michael Henderson performing at the Catalina Bar and Jazz Club in Hollywood in 2017 (Photo: Marilyn Smith)

*In case you missed it last year, not once, but twice, the third time should be the charm as Southern California Michael Henderson fans once again have the opportunity to see him perform his hits up close and personal at the intimate Catalina Bar and Jazz Club in Hollywood this Saturday, July 7.  He will be in town for a double celebration: 50 years in the music business and his 67th birthday (yeah Michael, we googled it).

During a phone interview with EURweb’s headman, Lee Bailey, Henderson was asked if concert goers will be in store for more of what we saw during Michael’s last appearance at the Catalina, which by the way was off the chain, hook and hinges. Henderson shared:

“We always like to mix it up and we have some surprises and special guests are coming through and are going to be there because it’s their birthday as well.”

michael henderson & ray parker jr
Michael with special guest Ray Pay Parker Jr. at the Catalina Jazz Club (Photo: Marilyn Smith)

One of the special guests who will be celebrating her birthday is actress Roz Ryan (Amelia on “Amen”).  He mentioned someone else, but far be it for us to ruin the surprise. You’ll just have to show up or read about it later. We’ll just say he is behind some of the biggest hits in the history of R&B.  Meanwhile, Michael and friends will also be celebrating what would have been the late Phyllis Hyman’s 69th birthday (July 6).  We love surprises Michael, so bring ’em on.

Fifty years is a long time to be on any job.  Not to get in his business or anything, but since Michael Henderson has had a hand in more Dramatics hits than we can count; I’m thinking he could live off his royalties.  Michael shared why he stills tours after so many years, saying.

“I still love to play music and that’s what I got in it for originally is to play and music is healing; it is self-healing, so I like to play and see the response from people that are hearing good music. You know when you do it right there is a certain response that people give and that’s to die for.”

michael henderson & rena scott
Michael Henderson and Rena Scott (Photo: Marilyn Smith)

Rena Scott, who teamed up with Michael decades ago to sing, “Take Me, I’m Yours” will be joining Michael, which is lucky for us concertgoers.  Seeing Rena is a treat because she knows how to work a crowd and it is always fun watching Rena and Michael work their duet magic.  I’m looking forward to it and marked my calendar as soon as I heard the wide receiver was coming back.

In case you are in the San Francisco area, Michael will be performing at Yoshi’s on July 6.  He will also be at the Birchmere in the Washington DC area on July 15th, in Cleveland on July 21, where he will be performing with Glenn Jones (“Show Me”) and also in Anderson, Indiana with the Dramatics on July 28.  For Michael’s itinerary, visit Songkick or check out his Facebook page (Michael Henderson Info).  Get thee to a Michael Henderson show.  You won’t regret it.

marilyn smith
Marilyn Smith

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