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Craig muMs Sheds Light on Futuristic Film ‘Hover’ (EUR Exclusive)

Craig muMs as John in ‘Hover.’ Photo courtesy of Syfy Films.

*In an EURweb exclusive interview, Craig muMs sheds light on the SYFY futuristic film “Hover.” The cautionary tale in theaters starting today, June 29 and will be on VOD and Digital HD, July 3.

Directed by Matt Osterman (“400 Days,” “Ghost from the Machine”), the movie marks the feature screenwriting debut of Cleopatra Coleman (“White Famous,” “The Last Man on Earth”) She also stars in the film as Claudia.

Craig muMs (“Blackklansman,” “Oz”) is no overnight success. However, his celebrity is one of happenstance, he explained.

Before we get started, can you explain the spelling of your name? 

It’s an acronym that stands for manipulator under manipulation, shhhh! Yes, I’m a poet. [Laughs]

Apparently, your name says a lot about you?

Yes, I started out as a rapper in the late eighties, early nineties and the rap turned into poetry. While performing at the at the Nuyorican Poets Café in New York, I was approached and offered a job in “Oz.” And then, boom! My acting career started. I joined the Labyrinth theater company and our artistic director at the time was Philip Seymour Hoffman. He was very instrumental in helping me become a playwright.

In collaborating with other artists, it was important to create work that’s supposed to make you think and upset the norm. That’s what my work does, and I approach acting from that standpoint as well. When I take on a role, I want to be able to upset your idea of a stereotype, and bring something new, original and of my own to the role.

Claudia (Cleopatra Coleman) shoots at drone in ‘Hover.’ Photo courtesy of Syfy Films.

So you must be over the hill about ‘Hover’?

I love sci-fi. I love anything that takes place in the future. I love the near future because it gives you an opportunity as an artist to make a statement about the present and to kind of predict where we’re going as a society.

Sci-fi is usually best when we understand the world that we’re living in and that’s what this [film] does. It kind of predicts where our dependency on technology is taking us, and I really was attracted to that.

This film touches on euthanasia, big brother watching, drones, food shortage, farming, and a country out of control. What in particular do you want theatergoers to walk away with?

 To ask questions and be mindful of what the future holds, and how things can get out of control. I think one of the main messages about the film is staying in control of one’s life. That means not to let our dependency, or the idea of trying to make our lives easier, take cover our control.

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