Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Donald Glover Narrates New ‘Time’s Up’ PSA, Rashida Jones Directs (Watch)

Donald Glover and Rashida Jones (Getty Images)
Donald Glover and Rashida Jones (Getty Images)

*Donald Glover narrates and Rashida Jones directs a new animated PSA about workplace sexual harassment released Tuesday (June 26) by the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund.

The PSA focuses on how people “suffer day to day with these nuances and microaggressions, which we may not have the language to defend ourselves against.”

Jones told Billboard that Glover was well-suited for the job of narrator.

“I really respect his ability to be a part of and criticize culture at the same time — I think it’s a really hard balance to strike,” Jones said. “And also to make really good s**t! His music is great, his TV show [Atlanta] is so innovative — he’s got that balance that very few artists do, where he’s able to be true to himself and be honest and make it feel fresh. But also to say something and have people listen.”

Regarding Glover’s approach to the PSA, Jones said: “He brings this kind of cool, laid-back energy to it, which I think is good, because I think all of us have kind of preach fatigue.”

The Time’s Up legal defense fund was launched in January to help victims connect with legal representation and public relations assistance after facing sexual harassment at work.

Watch the PSA below:




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