Sunday, July 3, 2022

Chris Paul’s Contract Dispute Causes Rockets Tension

*On a Friday episode of “Undisputed,” Chris Broussard indicated that there is tension between Chris Paul and the Rockets arising from an alleged contract dispute coming from the result in a change of ownership in the Rockets organization.

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“Paul’s max contract is potentially worth $205 million over the course of five years. But an issue arises when you consider Paul’s age. At 33-years-old, his best playing days are likely behind him, and although his play-style will likely enable him to play at a high level for the rest of his career, such huge deals are usually more geared toward players in their prime.”

“Apparently, the new Rockets owner Tillman Ferttita may not be willing to pay Paul such a hefty sum, as he is already strapped for cash given the fact that he spent so much of his own money in buying the team in the first place. In addition, the Rockets could lose both forward Trevor Ariza and center Clint Capelain free agency.”

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“The Rockets could also make a push for LeBron James this summer, which of course would cost them a fortune. With all this in mind, it’s tough to imagine Frettita giving Paul all the money he wants.”

“While Chris Paul is absolutely vital to this Rockets team, if this situation proves to be as tense as rumors say it is and Paul ends up leaving Houston as a result, the Rockets take a huge step back once the 2018-19 season comes around.”

“Making matters exponentially worse would be LeBron James signing with another team in the West during free agency. And if Paul leaves Houston, it’s really tough to see the Rockets standing a chance.”

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