Saturday, August 13, 2022

‘Hot Felon’ Jeremy Meeks on Love, Charity Work and What He Learned From ‘The Streets’

“Hot Felon” turned model Jeremy Meeks opens up about his unlikely path to fame in a new interview with FV Magazine.

“Never thought it was possible,” he said about his fashionable profession. “I heard it a couple of times growing up that I should be a model, but it went in one ear and out the other. I never thought it was possible.”

Meeks’ body is covered in tattoos with references to his gang life and the Crips, something he previously said he was trying to get away from.

When asked to share the most important values he picked up from “the streets,” Meeks replied:

“Your word is your bond… to always stay loyal, solid and grounded, and you know, you do good, you get good back, and you do dirty, you get mud back. It’s just very simple.”

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For kids growing up in communities affected by gun violence, he also had this to add:

“I mean they definitely need education and proper father figures, and people to look up to. It’s a serious issue, especially in my neighborhood with gun violence at a young age, and so that’s the situation. It’s something that really holds dear to my heart, because it affects me on a weekly basis…Someone I know has been killed and shot… it’s really rapid.”

Now that he’s been given a bigger platform with his success as a model, Meeks says he’s using it to spread positivity.

“We’ve been doing a lot of stuff right now with the kids. Recently I’ve been working with a charity called WOSMOH (Women of Substance Men of Honor) and visiting many group homes, and going to the juvenile halls, and talking to the kids, and just telling my life story, letting them know that I’ve been exactly where you are,” he shared. “So I’m going to start getting involved a lot more with kids, because as cliche as it sounds, they are the future.”

Speaking of kids, while he shares son Jeremy Meeks Jr. with ex Melissa, he’s reportedly expecting his first child with his heiress girlfriend Chloe Green.

“Love means everything, everything to me. It’s what keeps people alive, it’s what keeps people going, to love and to be loved,” he told the magazine. “I’ve never been in this place mentally, emotionally, physically, that I’m in right now. I’ve never been in such an amazing place.”

The Summer issue of FV Magazine is on newsstands now.

Ny MaGee
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