Thursday, August 11, 2022

‘You’ll Do What?!’ – Cam Newton Snaps at Teen Who Taunts Him At a Football Camp

*Don’t start none, won’t be none … is the code in the ‘hood.

With that in mind, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was caught on video literally getting inthe face of a teenager who mocked him for losing the Super Bowl in 2016.

Newton was in Bradenton, Florida for a 7-on-7 youth football camp when a kid asked him “Hey Cam, can I get a fumble?” and “What happened in the Super Bowl?” The Panthers QB wasn’t having it, choosing to get into it with the kid instead of brushing it off.

“Don’t try that shit with me, little boy,” Cam claps back before saying “You’ll do what?!” as he responds to a challenge, which can’t be heard on the video.

It’s unclear when exactly the football camp took place but the video was uploaded on Monday.

The Bradenton Herald said the video seems to have originated from @JaheimWise on Twitter and it has some NSFW language… peep the clip above.

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cam newton - in the face of teen

In the clip, the youngsters wouldn’t stop heckling Newton after he got in their face, calling him out for “what happened in the Super Bowl?”

The Carolina Panthers lost the Super Bowl two years ago.

It’s the latest video of athletes reacting to hecklers. A couple weeks ago there was the viral video of Kevin Durant having to be held back from fans who referenced his time at the University of Texas with a “UT’s butt” catcall during the NBA Finals.

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