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EUR Exclusive: Cheo Hodari Coker Says Music is Key in ‘Luke Cage 2’

Cheo Hodari

Luke Cage” viewers can pump up the volume during Season 2. In an exclusive interview with EURweb.com,   Cheo Hodari Coker, the “Luke Cage” showrunner, says music will continue to be a key element in the show–in addition, of course, to its kickass action.

Cheo, what can we expect from Luke Cage in Season 2?

Now as a public superhero in Harlem, you will see what it’s like for Luke Cage to be a superhero in the age of the Internet. What it’s like for him in an age where people basically try to capture your triumphs and your failures in real time.

Luke is also confronted with a villain named Bushmaster who has a version of his powers. Luke will actually go up against someone who could take him on physically. So we explore how that changes Luke’s view of himself. Plus, we go deeper into the complexities of the other characters.

(L-r) Cheo Hadari and Mike Colter (Luke Cage).

What can you say about the music this time around?

 We have a lot of music. We have everyone from Rakim and KRS-One to Jadakiss, Joi, Esperanza Spalding, and to Stephen Marley who perform in club. We elevate the sound of the show because the show is just as much about the music as it is about superpowers.

I’m in Harlem at least once a week. Have you noticed how Harlem is changing and the influx of whites?

To me, Harlem is one of the most important places on the earth, particularly when it comes to talking about African Americans. Harlem has always had fluctuation and so we also talk about gentrification on the show. But culturally, I don’t care what we call Harlem, Harlem will always be Harlem as long as the Schomburg and the Apollo is there. As long as black people preserve their culture in Harlem, Harlem will always be alive.

Any thoughts of what you hope viewers will walk away with?

The beauty and complexity of the Black experience in America enhanced with superpowers.

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