Sunday, October 2, 2022

‘Basketball Wives’ Star Tami Roman Gets Real After Luenell Comes for Her and NeNe Leakes

*Tami Roman has expressed disappointment with comedian Luenell for criticizing “online comedians” and claiming that they take opportunities from long-time comics.

The “Basketball Wives” star appeared on the “Sister Circle” talk show June 12, where went “on record” about how Lue came for her and NeNe Leakes.

“A person who I really admired and respected, she came for myself and NeNe [Leakes]: Luenell,” Roman explained. “She doesn’t like, I guess the fact that — she calls us,  ‘the reality people’ — are segueing into comedy. There’s a lane for everybody, which is why I don’t call myself a comedian. I just get up there and tell great stories and hopefully people laugh and think they’re funny.”

Scroll up and watch Tami’s interview via the clip above.

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Roman’s viral Instagram segment the “Bonnet Chronicles” may be a huge hit for fans but Lunell said on “The Breakfast Club” that she wasn’t big on Instagram comics.

“Of course it bothers me and not only me,” Lunell said in April of social media comedians. “I know it bothers a lot of us OGs because they’re getting paid more than us. And I don’t do it for the money, but I certainly would like to get compensated for being one of the bad ones out here.”

Online, folks have been taking sides with the two funny women, but Luenell’s niece caught wind Tami’s interview and the ish hit the fan.

“@TamiRoman What’s good Tami? Caught you on Sister Circle… You said that my aunt was mean to you… @Luenell… I need receipts because I called my aunt, and she has no recollection ever being in the same room with you… I think perhaps you took issue with my Aunt’s comments regarding reality television subjects jumping into the world of comedy…. She said what she said… She never ever mentioned your name, yet you mentioned hers and attached a bleached face lie onto it…

Ain’t shit real about you not your Dollar store bonnet, not your rhinoplasty, booty injections, removed wrinkles , nor your altered skin tone. If you are good at what you do. Then, there is no need to malign the original queen of comedy. You are ratchet and have made an entire career of bullying and being mean to other black women. And I guess you think that my aunt is fodder for this game. This ain’t reality television bitch. I don’t even watch your fucked up show, and still know that Kenya should have whipped your ass….”

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