Saturday, June 25, 2022

Dennis Rodman Cries over Trump-Kim Summit While Slamming Obama (WATCH)

*Shortly after President Donald Trump met with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, an emotional Dennis Rodman appeared on CNN wearing a red MAGA hat and a shirt promoting his sponsor, the cryptocurrency PotCoin.

On June 11, Trump, Rodman, and Jong Un all met in Singapore. Following the meeting, Rodman praised the moment while blasting Barack Obama. He believes Obama rejected his visits to North Korea during his administration. He also said he received death threats.

“I said to everybody, the door will open,” Rodman said while crying. “It’s amazing, it’s amazing, it’s amazing, when I said those things, when I went back home, I got so many death threats, and I believed in North Korea, and I couldn’t go home, I couldn’t even go home, I had to hide out for 30 days, but I kept my head high, and I knew things were going to change.”

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If you missed his interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, watch the clip above.

One critic noted: “You might ask yourself is there something deeper going on, or are these the tears of a clown?

It should be noted that Obama received backlash from Republicans when he mentioned the idea of meeting Jong Un during his presidency.


As he wiped tears from his eyes, Rodman recalled the backlash when he visited the authoritarian state years ago.

“I took those bullets. I took all that. I took everything everyone came at me, and I’m still standing,” Rodman said. “Today is a great day for everybody Singapore, Tokyo, China, everything. It’s a great day. I’m here to see it. I’m so happy.”

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