Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Fans React After Tank Throws Shade at Jaheim’s New Appearance

*Tank had time last week, so he decided to take to social media and blast singer Jaheim over his comical new appearance.

The “Fabulous” singer resurfaced recently rockin’ dyed reddish brown hair and eyebrows, as well as a much smaller frame and seemingly gaunt face.

His whole look has become the source of many memes, and now Tank has added his opinion to the chorus of laughter.

“I’m so glad i passed on that song..,” Tank wrote. He also posted a hilarious meme to go along with it.

Check it out below:

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Following Tank’s post, fans sounded off — with many left pissed at Tank for shading one of their favorite artists.

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, Jaheim posted on Instagram a tribute to his late grandfather but his appearance distracted many of his fans, see below.

Here are a few of the reactions Jaheim received to that video:

sharock41: “Get you some help baby you look a hot and horrible mess. Them drugs are killing you baby. I saw you better show years ago and told my husband, damn jah on drugs. We could see the decline then. That’s all everybody talked about. do a lot of praying and get you some help baby.”

1stqueen: “So we just gone act like this man not a crackhead

fufunareen: U still have it but what happened to u, u look different “

Jaheim Admits Struggles

In a prior online post, Jaheim admitted he’s been having a moment, read his post below:

Transitions of Jaheim I wasn’t born with a lot of hair But when I started to let it out Boy it grew beyond measures My hair didn’t fall out I cut it. After 10 years I felt it was time For a transformation and I’ve Been stressing throughout my Career which lead me to cut it But I didn’t lose anything at all. When life sets in you get weighted Down and boy it’s really heavy To deal when it happens but That’s life so I have no complaints Life is now what I’m making it. I will add this never cut your hair For anyone but yourself and never Allow new people in your head Until you get hands off the last Person to touch it and stay consistent. I’m planning to filling grow it out Just to let it grow for nearly 5 years Just trimmings and lines as I’ve Witness my hair is still growing Just have to stay consistent. #transitions #of #jaheim

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